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Which Do We Want Most?John 20:21In folk-singer Bob Dylan's words, "The times they are a-changin.'" This theme runs through many of his songs, and it [...]Pentecost SundayAJoyInspirationAdd
There Was Jesus!Mark 13:26William Alle White, one of america's greatest journalists, is often remembered for his clever defense of the honor of his [...]Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBJoyDeath,Dreams,Terminal IllnessAdd
Wagging Your TailLuke 9:34A man named Hartley had a morbid fear of thunder. He went to a prominent psychiatrist who specialized in the [...]The Transfiguration of the LordCJoyFear,Listening,TransfigurationAdd
Joy Is Like The RainLuke 4:18How St. Paul must have treasured those words which Jesus spoke in the synagogue! "He has sent Me to bring [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeCJoyGod: Life of,Suffering,Choice,Ministry,DespairAdd
Contagious JoyLuke 3:16The man who reinvented the "Holy Hug" for our time, Leo Buscaglia, wrote an article for "Women's Day" magazine entitled, [...]Third Sunday of AdventCJoyChristmas Pageant,Holy HugAdd
My Name Is Joy!Luke 13:8The great patriarch, Abraham, spent much of his life in the desert. One day he saw a stranger walking in [...]Third Sunday of LentCJoyWorship,Self-worth,Self-identityAdd
Lord, Shut My MouthJohn 15:11For those among you who would like to better your life by losing weight, there is the "Dieter's Prayer," suggested [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterBJoyLove,Service,Devil,Bread of Life,Schweizer:AlbertAdd
Who, Me?John 17:13A veteran seminary professor has painted a composite picture of all the "rules" followed by the people he has observed [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterBJoyResponsibility,Servanthood,Discipleship,WorryAdd
Laugh Clown, LaughLuke 3:18There is a bumper-sticker you might have seen that reads, "God is simply fun." Not many of us, perhaps, are [...]Third Sunday of AdventCJoyDiscipleship,Laughter,Expectancy,SmilesAdd
Good MedicineJohn 13:34In his retirement sermon, a pastor recalled many of the life-enriching events he experienced in his years of parish service. [...]Fifth Sunday of EasterCJoyLove,Laughter,Commandment,Joan of ArcAdd