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Spiritual SpinachMatthew 18:20There is a wonderful story about a family with one house rule that always was strictly enforced: everyone's plate had [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAJesus Christ: presence ofChange,God: silence of,SpiritualityAdd
Just To Touch His HandMatthew 2:10Having forgotten to set his clock alarm, and being eager to get to Church on time, a certain pastor was [...]The Epiphany of the LordAJesus Christ: presence ofCollection,Searching,EpiphanyAdd
I Cannot Do Without YouJohn 1:12You may remember these lines from a protest song of the fifties: In the summer, you're the winter; In the [...]Christmas DayBJesus Christ: presence ofTrust,ChristmasAdd
The Gift Of SightMatthew 28:20One of the things about God that should impress us most and bring us the greatest joy is the way [...]The Holy TrinityBJesus Christ: presence ofBlindness,Faith,Rainbow,Burning Bush,Pillar of FireAdd
Hand In HandJohn 20:30Matthew, Mark, Luke and John -- all four Gospels end with the Resurrection Story. All of the Letters of Paul [...]Second Sunday of EasterBJesus Christ: presence ofChange,DoubtAdd
How Do You Recognize Him?Mark 1:9Today's Lesson from Mark's Gospel is the story of Jesus being baptized in the River Jordan by John The Baptist. [...]The Baptism of the LordBJesus Christ: presence ofSuffering,Liberation,IllusionAdd
Getting Away From It All?Matthew 2:11A lion in the jungle approached a campfire around which sat members of a hunting safari. Hiding behind a clump [...]The Epiphany of the LordCJesus Christ: presence ofWise Men,King,HeartAdd