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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
I AcceptJohn 3:16"He gave His only Son." How do we respond to God's great gift? We celebrate of course, but there is [...]The Holy TrinityAIncarnationGiving,Gifts,Acceptance,ReceivingAdd
Strike A BlowMatthew 2:8A very dignified, austere European theologian always began his lecture series on the "Incarnation" with the same line. He would [...]The Epiphany of the LordAIncarnationGnosticism,Christ SpiritAdd
Everyday A Little BitLuke 24:25-26Several years ago, an international poll was taken to discover the name of the person most widely recognized throughout the [...]Third Sunday of EasterAIncarnationLove,God: Resurrection Power of,Death/Resurrection,RecognitionAdd
God Keeps His PromisesMatthew 1:23Two boys, ages eight and ten, were terribly mischevious, sometimes out of control -- so much so that whenever some [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventAIncarnationChristmas,God:union with,God:presence of,Jesus:birth of,ImmanuelAdd
Sweet Mystery Of LifeMatthew 2:2I paid a dime for a package of seeds, the clerk tossed them down with a flip. "We have them assorted [...]The Epiphany of the LordAIncarnationMystery,Incarnation,Flower,Tennyson: Alfred,Mona LisaAdd
From The BeginningMatthew 2:10A prominent theologian was about to deliver a lecture on a very difficult subject. He started off by saying, "I [...]The Epiphany of the LordBIncarnationLove,God: Presence of,Forgiveness,Christ Spirit,Beginnings,God: as LightAdd
A Call To DiscoveryLuke 2:33Those who have been to the Holy Land often come back to report a surprise: it is so very small. [...]The Holy FamilyBIncarnationRelationships,Jesus Christ: discovery ofAdd
Lucky Or NotJohn 1:8It was December 22nd and the mother of several children suddenly realized that she hadn't sent out any Christmas cards. [...]Second Sunday of AdventCIncarnationSalvation,Christmas,Advent,Christ:presence ofAdd
Prince Of PeaceJohn 1:14A woman named Betty tried to cram all of her Christmas preparations into a single day. Starting at 9 a.m., [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCIncarnationPeace,Christmas,Baby Jesus,Christmas cards,Helen KellerAdd