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Come MondayMatthew 20:16It is the great Lord God, who gives us life and sustains us in life, who ultimately will win the [...]Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAHumilityChange,Jesus Christ: Cross of,Church-goers,Handel's Messiah,Fruit-bearingAdd
Breakthrough To GodMatthew 23:12Sunday school teacher: "Johnny, can you tell me who will wear the biggest crown in heaven?" Johnny: "Sure. The one [...]Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeAHumilityPharisees,Self-righteousness,Hypocrisy,Jesus Christ: as Teacher,ServiceAdd
Looking Out For Number OneMatthew 20:16In today's Gospel Lesson, Jesus is speaking to the disciples in parables. He tells the story of an employer who [...]Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAHumilityTrust,ExaltationAdd
Keep Your Mouth ClosedLuke 1:38There once was a frog who talked two friendly geese into flying him down to Florida for the winter. The [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventBHumilitySelf-image,Exaltation,Adam and Eve,EgoismAdd
Hidden TreasureJohn 12:24In a book called "Peace of Mind," a famous psychiatrist says that "The supreme foe of inner-victory is rigid pride."1 [...]Fifth Sunday of LentBHumilityServanthood,Jesus Christ: as Servant,Death/ResurrectionAdd
Who Is In The Driver's Seat?Luke 18:13It has been said that the Cause of humanity has suffered much at the hands of people who do what [...]Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilityDependence,ControlAdd
The PerfectionistLuke 14:11Author/lecturer John Robert Clarke has suggested the title, "Master Perfectionist," for a certain kind of egotist. "One's own perfectionism is [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilityPride,Master PerfectionistAdd
The Ugly PoorLuke 18:14"He had given so much! He had done so much! Nobody understood and, as far as we can tell, He [...]Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilityExaltation,Cost of discipleshipAdd
Putting Off/putting OnLuke 14:8,11Jesus is not teaching social etiquette here. He is getting at something much deeper. The "wedding party" symbolizes the Kingdom [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilityObedience,Kingdom of God,Blasphemy,Radical obedience,Destructive habitsAdd
Don't Rain On My ParadeLuke 18:14"Life's candy and the sun's a ball of butter/Don't bring around a cloud/to rain on my parade." So sang Barbra [...]Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilityWill of God,God: Will of,Exaltation,Sermon on the MountAdd
A Sweet Spiritual BlessingLuke 14:11A large crowd had gathered near a pond in a large zoo. They watched admiringly as a peacock slowly spread [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilitySuccess,Pride,Table-talkAdd
Inherit The EarthLuke 14:11In a New England seminary, a brilliant student, not known for his humility, became extremely puffed up when informed that [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilityLast Supper,MeeknessAdd
Make A ListLuke 18:11,13While on a business trip, a man came to a small Southern town. He decided to look up an old [...]Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilityRepentance,Pharisees,Mercy,PrestigeAdd
No Hidden MeaningsLuke 18:14Three professionals, an engineer, a psychologist and a theologian, were together on a hunting trip in the Canadian Rockies. They [...]Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilityServanthood,MeaningAdd
Streaks And All!Mark 9:35In the early days of television, the old cowboy movie reruns -- the "Westerns" -- always made it easy for [...]Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHumilityChildren,Preaching,Trust,TelevisionAdd