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Be Bigger Than You AreJohn 20:22Early in this century, a man named Mallory led an expedition of climbers attempting to conquer Mount Everest. The expedition [...]Second Sunday of EasterBHoly SpiritGod: Grace of,Grace,Mountaintop Experience,FaithAdd
Burning With DesireLuke 12:49As a worshipping community of Christ we come under the empowering influence of the Holy Spirit. In the first chapter [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHoly SpiritPrayer,Worship,PowerAdd
Have A Good Life!John 20:21,22Members of a Bible study group were discussing the Mystery of the Blessed Trinity. One man complained: "I don't have [...]Pentecost SundayAHoly SpiritLoveAdd
I Want To Hold Your HandJohn 14:16How does the Holy Spirit help us in times of need? The Advocate works like this ... A young Armenian [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterAHoly SpiritForgiveness,ComfortingAdd
Light Some FiresLuke 12:1Perhaps the most familiar scene in Thornton Wilder's play, "Our Town," is when twelve-year-old Emily, who has died, is allowed [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHoly SpiritChildren,Ignorance,DivisionAdd
Light Up The WorldJohn 20:22Due to the vast television coverage of last year's campaigns for the U.S. Presidency, even the very young became familiar [...]Second Sunday of EasterAHoly SpiritGiving,InspirationAdd
Only One Way To TurnMark 1:4"I dream of faraway places," wrote a man who felt like "getting away from it all" ... I dream of faraway [...]Second Sunday of AdventBHoly SpiritRepentance,Service,Baptism,DiversionAdd
Something Is Going On Here!John 1:34An aging bishop had grown tired of the numerous socials and receptions he was expected to attend. On one such [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeAHoly SpiritFulfillment,Water,Jesus Christ:baptism of,Chosen OneAdd
Spiritual LongevityJohn 20:21Not too long ago, a "stand-up" comic, One famous for his delivery of "one-liner" jokes, celebrated his ninety-first birthday at [...]Pentecost SundayBHoly SpiritEternal Life,Bread of Life,God's Plan,God:union withAdd
Stuck In The Mud?John 20:22A seminary student rose to preach his first sermon. He began, saying, "The title of my sermon is, 'Man, God, [...]Pentecost SundayBHoly SpiritNew Life,Change,Commitment,Fog-boundAdd
The Breath Of LifeJohn 20:22We need no Gallup poll to tell us of the alarming turn toward drugs as a solution to human problems. [...]Pentecost SundayBHoly SpiritInspiration,DrugsAdd
The Good LifeMatthew 28:19The Gift of the Holy Spirit is intended by God to bear much fruit in us. Paul describes the fruit [...]The Holy TrinityBHoly SpiritBlindness,Ignorance,DesireAdd
The Spirit Of LifeMark 1:8In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. These words constitute the [...]Second Sunday of AdventBHoly SpiritGod: Presence of,Trinity,Perfect ModelAdd
The Spirit WithinMark 1:40In today's Gospel Lesson, a poor leper kneels before Jesus in an attitude of complete faith. "You can cure me, [...]Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHoly SpiritBorn Again,HealingAdd
Today I Will Be GladJohn 14:17Many years ago, before television, a well-meaning person proposed what she felt would put an end to war and violence [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterAHoly SpiritGood Samaritan,Reconciliation,PentecostAdd