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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
The Healing PowerJohn 10:25A theology professor in an American seminary is fond of telling his students about a certain man he had met [...]Fifth Sunday of LentAHealingGod: power of,Holistic Health,Alternative MedicineAdd
Person-centeredMatthew 14:14A preacher well-known for his moving sermons, was on a big jet plane crowded with passengers. In mid-flight the pilot [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAHealingCaring,Preaching,Jesus Christ: as ModelAdd
Broken PatternsMark 1:30-31There is the wonderful story about a woman listening to her pastor preach a Sunday morning sermon about Simon Peter's [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHealingDependence,God: dependence on,PreachingAdd
Body And SoulJohn 6:68A strong, self-reliant ranch owner who did not often express his emotions outwardly, had to rush his wife to the [...]Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHealingEternal Life,Wholeness of life,Blood transfusion,PsychosomaticAdd
A New VisionMark 10:52An organist was performing a concert on an antique organ. The bellows were hand-pumped by a boy who was behind [...]Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHealingVision,Blind BeggarsAdd
The Healing TouchMark 7:37A young man was anxious to change his uptight ways. He was looking for a book that might help him [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHealingLove,Touch,Elephant ManAdd
Healing The SickLuke 7:9A fifteen-year study at the Monroe Clinic in Monroe, Wisconsin, revealed that more than half of all physical complaints are [...]Ninth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHealingPrayer,EmotionsAdd
We Can Handle ItMark 1:33There is a story about a couple who had been married for more than thirty years. One evening, when the [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHealingMarriage,Book of Job,Followers,God - - dependence onAdd
Warm To The Touch!Mark 7:37A "touchstone" is a stone that tests the gold or silver content of a piece of ore. The ore is [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHealingMiracles,Hands,Touchstone,Sign languageAdd
Of Course!Matthew 5:24It was three a.m. and Claudia and Tom's two-week-old child lay in his crib crying. Claudia had just fed him [...]Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHealingLove,Parenting,Faith,Time,OptimismAdd
We Need Each Other!Matthew 18:22A Sunday School teacher was lecturing her third-grade class on the subject of miracles. For her text she had chosen [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHealingMiracles,Faith,Hearing,Merry-Go-Round,Sunday SchoolAdd
I Shall Rise AgainLuke 9:11The husband had a worried look on his face when he sat down to have a heart-to-heart talk with his [...]The Body and Blood of ChristCHealingNew Life,Love,Loyalty,Husband and wifeAdd
A New VisionJohn 9:4In the later years of the Roman Empire, a group of pagans was being Baptized by immersion, in a river. [...]Fourth Sunday of LentAHealingCompassion,Service,Baptism,Work,Mission,Healing ministryAdd