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Tell Them It's Raining!Matthew 23:3The "Dear Abby" Columnist, Abigail Van Buren, received the following letter from a frustrated reader: Dear Abby: My husband hates [...]Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGrowthFruit,LoveAdd
Do Nothing, Gain NothingMatthew 25:21A highly-placed corporate manager announced, tongue-in-cheek, the establishment of an annual "Better Management Award." The first award would be made, [...]Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGrowthLife-enrichment,JoyAdd
Not Another Word!John 3:16The story is told of a chance meeting between two men who had been college classmates. They went to a [...]The Holy TrinityAGrowthPerfectionAdd
One Fleck At A TimeLuke 24:47A successful businessman suddenly realized he was caught up in an aimless existence. He visited a therapist and told of [...]Third Sunday of EasterBGrowthLove,Christian Ministry,Emptiness,WisdomAdd
The Gift Of SpaceMark 9:41How do we love those who are closest to us? Love is a many splendored thing, as we know. But [...]Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGrowthLove,GiftsAdd
Change Your StanceLuke 2:40Members of a parish "Senior citizen" group staged a panel discussion on the subject of "longevity." The panel included several [...]NoneBGrowthLove,LongevityAdd
FriendshipJohn 8:4A thief picked a man's pocket on a crowded elevator. As the result of quick police action, he was arrested [...]Fifth Sunday of LentCGrowthSelf-image,Condemnation,AdulteryAdd
Growing PainsLuke 9:20Simon Peter, the big fisherman, is one of my very favorite people! I really get a great deal of encouragement [...]Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCGrowthSecurity,Opportunity,MistakesAdd
To Grow Or Not To GrowLuke 13:8In an ancient legend, two brothers in a village in Central Europe were caught stealing sheep. Their punishment for the [...]Third Sunday of LentCGrowthRepentance,Fruit-bearingAdd
A Word To The WiseLuke 2:40Most of us consider an ordinary flea nothing more than a nuisance to ourselves and to our pets. But few [...]NoneBGrowthFulfillment,Wisdom,Knowledge,FleasAdd
When You Grow UpJohn 12:21Two men who were members of the same Church met on the street. One said to the other ... "Have you [...]Fifth Sunday of LentBGrowthGiving,Sunday School,Jesus: Presence ofAdd