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Hard Rain FallingJohn 19:30And what did you hear, my blue-eyed son? What did your hear, my darling young one? Heard the roar of [...]Good FridayAGood FridayRepentance,Jesus Christ: Cross of,Blame,Gumperson's LawAdd
Nothing Is A BarrierJohn 19:19In John Masefield's poem, "Good Friday," a flower peddler says to Jesus: "Friend, it is over now --the passion, the [...]Good FridayAGood FridayLove,Redemption,Polio,Cross of ChristAdd
Is It I, Lord?John 18:5A prominent psychiatrist1 has written a book called "For the Love of Money" which really unmasks us all. He helps [...]Good FridayAGood FridayMoney,BetrayalAdd
He Cannot Be BoughtJohn 19:30The story is told of a man who dreamed that he saw Our Lord tied to a whipping post while [...]Good FridayAGood FridayBlame,Gumperson's Law,MourningAdd
Birmingham Or CalvaryJohn 19:18A poem by Stoddard Kennedy compares Jesus' coming to the modern city of Birmingham in England with Jesus going to [...]Good FridayAGood FridayJesus Christ: Cross of,Trust,Cross,CalvaryAdd
Are You There?John 19:30There is the story of a woman who died and went to Heaven. She was greeted at the Pearly Gates [...]Good FridayAGood FridayServanthood,Cross,God: Name of,CrucifixionAdd
Forgiveness! Forgiveness! Forgiveness!John 19:30A Navy ordinance officer who is able to explain in great detail what makes guided missiles tick, had just finished [...]Good FridayAGood FridayConfusionAdd
Thank God For The CrossJohn 19:30The river of history moves on, but the Cross remains. And when the strong torture the weak, the head of [...]Good FridayBGood FridayGood NewsAdd
A Terrible CavityMark 15:34The world famous author/psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Tournier, has called loneliness "the most devastating malady of the age." Another eminent physician [...]Passion SundayBGood FridayDeath,Loneliness,Suffering,Jesus Christ: Passion of,AbandonmentAdd
There Must Be Some MistakeJohn 18:37There is a daily syndicated newspaper cartoon strip called "The Small Society" in which the author seems to be telling [...]Good FridayBGood FridayDeath,Love,Truth,Resurrection,Suffering,Faith,Mystery,PurposefulnessAdd
Not A Moment To LoseJohn 19:30There is a story told about a French Army General that describes his hurry to get things done. One morning [...]Good FridayBGood FridayRedemption,Choice,Calvary,Jesus Christ: death ofAdd
First The TremblingJohn 19:30A well-known preacher was invited to deliver a sermon in the chapel of a college for the deaf. He described [...]Good FridayBGood FridayJesus Christ: Cross of,Preaching,Sacrifice,AtonementAdd
Out Of The DarknessJohn 19:30Lee Salk, the well-known psychologist, says that his job is to help people discover the power and the wisdom to [...]Good FridayBGood FridayChosen People,Frozen People,Crucifixion,Sorrow,SacrificeAdd
Our Greatest TreasureJohn 19:30On a hillside near Capernaum, Jesus had preached the "Sermon on the Mount." On Mount Calvary the Sermon was fulfilled [...]Good FridayBGood FridayLove,BeatitudesAdd
To Tell The TruthJohn 18:37Scripture offers not the slightest evidence to support any speculation about Christ's physical dimensions. We don't know what Jesus looked [...]Good FridayBGood FridayEmotions,Man of LoveAdd