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He's Already ThereJohn 10:10Several years ago, the newspapers ran a story about a desperate prisoner in Australia who successfully carried out his plan [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterAGod: presence ofLamb of God,Freedom,FearAdd
No Hiding PlaceMatthew 22:21Jesus came down hard on hypocrisy. And when He did, the condemnation was always against His own people -- the [...]Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGod: presence ofLove,HypocrisyAdd
Isn't My Child Wonderful?Matthew 25:37When the Russian, Yuri Gagarin (the first man in space), returned to earth, he made the statement that he didn't [...]Christ The King (Thirty-Fourth Sunday)AGod: presence ofGod: love of,Last Judgment,Service,Motherhood,WisdomAdd
Now Is The TimeJohn 3:17It was the start of a holiday weekend, and the service station was crowded. Finally, an attendant hustled up to [...]The Holy TrinityAGod: presence ofSalvation,Procrastination,SomedayAdd
Whose Side Are We On?Matthew 16:23A young man finished college with a degree in psychology. Shortly after his graduation, the new psychologist was asked to [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGod: presence ofLove,TransformationAdd
It's BeautifulMark 1:38A religious cynic once said: God made man on the last day of creation. When he realized what He had [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGod: presence ofWorship,SorrowAdd
Our Greatest NeedMark 6:2In a scene from "Zorba The Greek," Zorba complains that too many people want to experience God like "cool refreshment." [...]Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGod: presence ofGift,PearlAdd
A Tremendous SecretMark 6:7A storm was rising as a cruise ship made its way into port. Because of the heavy seas, the regular [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGod: presence ofDiscipleship,Lostness,God: absence of,Mission Impossible,Jesus ChristAdd
Christmas Is ComingMark 13:33One day a butterfly was flying about in a meadow. It noticed below a brilliant multi-colored expanse filled with little [...]First Sunday of AdventBGod: presence ofGrowth,Burdens,UncertaintyAdd
Precious LordMark 5:34"Precious Lord," perhaps the world's most popular Gospel song, established its composer, Tom Dorsey, as the architect of Gospel Music. [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGod: presence ofMiracles,Trust,Faith,Gospel Music,AmazementAdd
Where Is The Kingdom Of Heaven?Mark 4:30God's Presence in the mainstream of human existence is discovered in the ordinary people of our daily encounters. And often [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGod: presence ofPrayer,Kingdom of God,Grace,CommitmentAdd
The Gracious GodLuke 9:11One of the striking features of our time which we must confront as Christians, is the fact that there are [...]The Body and Blood of ChristCGod: presence ofHealing,Presence of God,God: reign ofAdd
Bright And BreezyJohn 14:7According to a syndicated newspaper columnist, "Freedom of choice has become exhausting." He says that he has come to see [...]Fifth Sunday of EasterAGod: presence ofObedience,Freedom,Service,Father,God:fatherhood ofAdd
We See Him Everywhere!Matthew 10:27In the Broadway Musical "1776," a scene opens with John Adams crying out, "Is anybody there? Does anybody care?" In one sense, we [...]The Holy TrinityBGod: presence ofOptimism,Lonliness,God: omnipresence ofAdd
Through The Eyes Of ChildrenMatthew 1:23As students entered the lunch line at a theological seminary, they walked past a big bowl of delicious-looking red apples. [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventAGod: presence ofChildren,Christmas,Christmas Gift,Immanuel,Cafeteria,Jesus:eyes ofAdd