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Put Your Whole Self Into ItJohn 14:1,10One of the reasons Christians gather together each week for celebration is to remember the Resurrection Event: to look back [...]Fifth Sunday of EasterAFaithDeath,Resurrection,DedicationAdd
Show MeMatthew 14:29One sure thing we members of the clergy learn very quickly is that trying to preach a sermon that is [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithJesus Christ: Cross of,Christian Ministry,ObedienceAdd
Walking On AirMatthew 14:31Perhaps you picked up your newspaper one morning and read an editorial that went something like this: The world is [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithGood-old Days,Stress,Life-givingAdd
Miracle Of LoveMatthew 15:28Doctor Gerald Jampolsky, a California psychiatrist, has written several books that have been widely read. After he had endured a [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithGod: trust in,Terminal Illness,Afterlife,VisionAdd
With Eyes Of FaithJohn 9:38In today's Gospel Lesson, the Pharisees are badgering a man who claimed that Jesus had cured his blindness on the [...]Fourth Sunday of LentAFaithPharisees,Love,Leap of FaithAdd
Yes, Yes, Yes --- We Do KnowMatthew 14:31There is a wonderful story about the Philadelphia Orchestra when it was under the leadership of the great Leopold Stokowski. [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithDeath,Love,DoubtAdd
Your Free Faith ResponseMatthew 21:32A young woman named Mary who lived in the village of Nazareth was confronted by an angel of the Lord. [...]Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithObedience,Doubt,Kindness,CrossAdd
Even Every Church MouseMatthew 15:28James Thurber, the well-known American humorist, wrote a number of "beast" fables. In them he pokes fun at our shortcomings [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithDependence,Self-indulgence,Vanity,Independence,Self-sufficiency,Self-centerednessAdd
If I Have Not LoveMatthew 5:34"I don't want the city to come into my Church and I don't want my Church to come into the [...]Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithFruits,Obedience,Worship,HappinessAdd
Committed For LifeMatthew 14:33"Savior? -- Who Needs a Savior?" is the title of a chapter in "The Parables of Peanuts" book. The chapter [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithTrust,SaviorAdd
Other Tigers, Other ChristsJohn 11:26Middle-age is one of the little deaths we encounter on our journey through life. When is middle-age? People who get [...]Fifth Sunday of LentAFaithValues,Middle Age,Courage,Aging,Living ChristAdd
Tender, Loving CareMatthew 15:28A Massachusetts woman tells of the morning she met a male neighbor in the laundry room of their apartment building. [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithLove,Hypocrisy,Women's LiberationAdd
The Goblin Of DeathJohn 11:25Old Patrick O'Brien lay in his bed, dying. In fact, he had been dying for several weeks. And, during that [...]Fifth Sunday of LentAFaithDeath,FearAdd
Why Me?John 14:1Massachusetts Congressman "Tip" O'Neil, Speaker of the House, tells a wonderful story about a man named "Honest Jake Bloom" of [...]Fifth Sunday of EasterAFaithMourning,God: silence of,Suffering,God: union withAdd
The Most Comforting WordMark 1:15Dr. Wilfred Funk who became famous as a composer of dictionaries, once was asked to list the ten most expressive [...]First Sunday of LentBFaithHappiness,TemptationAdd