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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
From Here To EternityJohn 6:51Psychologists tell us that, for most people, attitudes toward death are developed in several identifiable stages. One stage, they say, [...]The Body and Blood of ChristAEternal LifeDeath,Afterlife,Eternity,Bread of LifeAdd
The Creative ProcessJohn 17:3While it is true that our Old Testament religious forebearers had a keen awareness of the importance of past and [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterAEternal LifeCreationAdd
Permission To Cross The StreetJohn 17:3Over the arches of the triple doorway of the Cathedral of Milan there are three inscriptions. One is a beautifully [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterAEternal LifePresent Moment,ExpectationAdd
The Laughing BoxJohn 6:54A pastor in Greensboro, North Carolina, tells this wonderful, true story of a four-year-old niece named Alisha: One day, while [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBEternal LifeGod: Presence of,Message,God: Word ofAdd
Persons Not PlacesJohn 6:47Several years back a tough-minded realist named Susan Ertz made an interesting observation. "Millions," she claimed, "long for immortality who [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBEternal LifeDeath,Jesus Christ: Passion of,Immortality,ParadiseAdd
Glory Flaming 'roundJohn 6:47One of the things that happens to us when we hear the Word of God is that we are comforted. [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBEternal LifeEpitaphs,Comfort,GodspellAdd
What Are We Looking For?John 6:28A California religious newspaper (The "Son" Sentinel), published an article which contrasted the living habits of two kinds of birds [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBEternal LifeDeath,Love,Fools,ExpectationAdd
Coming HomeLuke 10:25An elderly pastor stepped off the curb to begin crossing the street. A motorist honked at him and he leaped [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCEternal LifeNeighbor,Homesickness,Good Samaritan,HopelessnessAdd
The Eternal QuestionLuke 10:25World-renowned poet and playwright, Archibald MacLeish, once was invited to participate in a special worship service at Harvard University's Memorial [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCEternal LifeQuestionsAdd
Who Am I?John 19:30There is a "Peanuts" comic strip in which Linus very candidly admits to his good pal Charlie Brown, "I don't [...]Fourth Sunday of LentBEternal LifeResponsibility,Jacob's Well,Living water,Divorce,IdentityAdd
Heaven Can't Wait!Matthew 16:25Historians tell us that when the Roman Emperor, Severus, neared the end of his life, he gave a kind of [...]Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeBEternal LifeFulfillment,Obedience,Happiness,God-centered,Followers,LimitationsAdd
What Makes The World Go 'round?Matthew 22:21An extremely wealthy man, reflecting on his business career and the life it brought him, said, "If you go into the [...]Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBEternal LifeMoney,Greed,Wealth,LonlinessAdd
Why Didn't We?Luke 10:25Many of you know, I am sure, the beautiful classic story of "The Little Prince" ... The Little Prince, you may [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCEternal LifeUniqueness,God:presence of,God:love of,IndividualityAdd