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Go Down DeathJohn 20:1The disciples of Jesus went to the tomb by dawn's early light where they experienced the Resurrection. They were in [...]Easter SundayAEasterResurrection,Jesus Christ: resurrection of,Generation GapAdd
Our Redeemer LivesJohn 20:4There was a crotchety old man who lived with his wife in the backwoods. One day the old mountaineer fell [...]Easter SundayAEasterResurrection,Widow,RedeemerAdd
Shalom! Shalom!John 20:1A wife had provided a tombstone for her husband's grave. On it she had inscribed two sentences: "Rest in Peace" [...]Easter SundayAEasterResurrection,Peace,Jesus Christ: peace of,ShalomAdd
Eternity Is In The AirJohn 20:9Last year, a woman contributed the following real-life anecdote to the New York Times weekly "Metropolitan Diary" column: Dear Diary: [...]Easter SundayAEasterResurrection,EternityAdd
Calling You By NameJohn 9:1There's something about Easter Sunday -- something exuberant, something triumphant, something inexpressibly happy. But the first Easter began on a [...]Easter SundayAEasterChange,Resurrection,Names,TombsAdd
So Many ChristsJohn 20:2Renowned French novelist and Nobel Prize winner, Francois Mauriac, once interviewed the celebrated Swedish-born actress, Greta Garbo. Of Miss Garbo [...]Easter SundayAEasterTruth,Resurrection,God: image of,Beauty,SearchingAdd
Put It To MusicJohn 20:8In the city that was once Constantinople, a visitor to the Mosque of Saint Sophia stands quietly for a time [...]Easter SundayAEasterResurrection,Hope,Love songAdd
And Now What Happens?John 20:2Francine M. O'Connor has written a little meditation in which she wonders whether or not we everyday Christians take the [...]Easter SundayBEasterMiracles,Risen ChristAdd
What Are We Looking For?John 20:1,4,6What are we looking for? That is the question! Today's Gospel episode begins on the morning of the first Easter [...]Easter SundayBEasterResurrection,Meaning of life,Expectation,Listening,Empty tomb,Broken dreamsAdd
Are You Hiding?John 20:18There was a time, at the dawn of the world, when the Lord God walked in the garden in the [...]Easter SundayBEasterObedience,Risen Christ,Garden of EdenAdd
Bound For GloryJohn 20:2"He had loved so much, He had given so much, He had done so much, and nobody understood. As far [...]Easter SundayBEasterGod: Resurrection Power of,Resurrection,GloryAdd
The Last LaughJohn 20:1Yesterday is a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is cash in the bank. Today is the day [...]Easter SundayBEasterLaughter,Easter MessageAdd
Who Needs God?John 20:1Today is the day when the banners are flying, at least figuratively, over every Easter Sunday congregation throughout the world. [...]Easter SundayBEasterResurrection,DemonsAdd
Today Is God's DayJohn 20:1A famous psychiatrist once said, "With peace in his soul a man can face the most terrifying experiences. But without [...]Easter SundayBEasterResurrection,God's DayAdd
Why Aren't We Singing?John 20:1He came singing love. He lived singing love. He died singing love. He rose in silence. (If the song is [...]Easter SundayCEasterResurrection,RejoicingAdd