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Whom Do You Trust?Matthew 5:3A young lad on vacation went to Church with his parents one sunny Sunday morning. He listened closely to the [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeABeatitudesGrowth,TrustAdd
We Thank Thee Lord!Matthew 5:3Nature has many remarkable ways of illustrating the growth process. In the case of the Chinese bamboo tree, for instance, [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeABlessingsGrowth,Chinese bamboo,Sermon on the Mount,ThankfulnessAdd
How To Live And How To DieMatthew 5:3A Parable: It came to pass that after Adam and Eve had been expelled by the Lord God from the [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeADependenceEternal Life,Happiness,Adam and Eve,CommunityAdd
If I Have Not LoveMatthew 5:34"I don't want the city to come into my Church and I don't want my Church to come into the [...]Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAFaithFruits,Obedience,Worship,HappinessAdd
Help!Matthew 5:3The greatest obstacle to truth is a reluctance to face the facts! A woman who was very much overweight stepped [...]All SaintsCGod: dependence onPoor in Spirit,Faith,Independence,Happiness,DenialAdd
Only God Is Great!Matthew 5:3All through the Gospels, Jesus is trying to help us understand that although there is pleasure in material things, in [...]All SaintsAGod: greatness ofPoor in Spirit,Hubris,Jesus Christ: teachings ofAdd
E.T. Phone HomeMatthew 5:3,7,9The movie "E. T." (if you didn't see it) is the story of an ugly -- beautiful! -- creature who [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAPoor in SpiritEternal Life,Extra Terrestrial,HomesicknessAdd
Love Is The Sweetest ThingMatthew 5:38,44Long before Jesus' coming, ancient peoples had been using the skins of animals as liquid containers. In Palestine these containers [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAWineskinsResponsibility,Expansion,VengeanceAdd
Love Is WisdomMatthew 5:3With the birth of Christ, a great joy is proclaimed which lays aside all the questions and all the imponderables. [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAWisdomLove,Poor in Spirit,Revelation,TrustAdd