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Person-to-personMatthew 3:2Many months ago, the "Daily Oklahoman" newspaper ran a little tale about what happened when Satan agreed to be interviewed [...]Second Sunday of AdventAChangeSatan,Service,call waiting,high tech,ComputersAdd
Stop Cheating Yourself!Matthew 3:2It sounds incredible, but it really happened: A man walks into a doctor's waiting room. He has an appointment. What [...]Second Sunday of AdventAConformityRepentanceAdd
When Disaster StrikesMatthew 3:2An elementary school teacher was telling her class about statistics which indicate that more twins are being born these days [...]Second Sunday of AdventAFaith FamilyHope,Community of FaithAdd
Life Isn't A WatermelonMatthew 3:2In the early days of our nation, the town crier was the source of news for the community. He would [...]Second Sunday of AdventARepentanceChange,Sainthood,Outcasts,Lunacy laws,Social conscienceAdd
A 'Yes'! FaceMatthew 3:2Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once said that it is not so important where a person stands as the direction in [...]Second Sunday of AdventARepentanceChange,Reign of GodAdd
Think! There's No Time To LoseMatthew 3:2We're in the Season of Advent and the message is: "Repent and sin no more." Each year at this time, [...]Second Sunday of AdventARepentanceThinking,Saints,BeautyAdd
Perfect Attendance RecordMatthew 3:2A sixth grade teacher was trying her best to discipline a particularly mischievous student. She tried reasoning with him. She [...]Second Sunday of AdventASalvationEvangelism,Service,God:presence of,Kingdom,PreparationAdd