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Stop! I SayMatthew 22:37,39The story is told of a preacher who often did very dramatic things to hold the congregation's attention. For example, [...]Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeACommandmentsJesus Christ: commandment of,NeighborAdd
Accentuate The PositiveMatthew 22:37,39Jesus called the Grace of a God who loves us infinitely, "The Pearl of Great Price." In our own time, [...]Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALoveNeighbor,Grace,Great Commandment,Holy Ground,Jesus Christ: presence ofAdd
Do It Again!Matthew 22:37,39After having been found guilty of certain criminal offenses, the defendant stood before the sentencing judge ... "Prisoner at the bar," [...]Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALoveMotherhood,Devil,ServantAdd
What's In It For Me?Matthew 22:37,39It has been said that "millions of Christians live in a sentimental haze of vague piety, demanding little except lip [...]Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBServiceSatan,Grace,Sacrifice,Political pollsAdd