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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
The Happiest People In The WorldMatthew 1:23One night, the Six O'clock News financial reporter said, among other things, "The stock market gained today, and the value [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventAChrist PresenceAdd
The Christmas AnswerMatthew 1:23A man consulted with his pastor about a certain problem he was having. "How can I help you? What seems [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventAChristmas expectationEmptiness,FearAdd
Go Out SingingMatthew 1:23The promise has rung, especially in these last days of Advent, throughout concert hall and shopping mall and country Church [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventAChristmas MessageLove,Children,Nativity scene,Praying Hands,SingingAdd
Through The Eyes Of ChildrenMatthew 1:23As students entered the lunch line at a theological seminary, they walked past a big bowl of delicious-looking red apples. [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventAGod: presence ofChildren,Christmas,Christmas Gift,Immanuel,Cafeteria,Jesus:eyes ofAdd
In Full ContextMatthew 1:23Nothing under the sun exists entirely unto itself. "No man is an island," the poet John Donne wrote. Only by [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventAGood NewsJesus Christ: presence of,ContextAdd
God Keeps His PromisesMatthew 1:23Two boys, ages eight and ten, were terribly mischevious, sometimes out of control -- so much so that whenever some [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventAIncarnationChristmas,God:union with,God:presence of,Jesus:birth of,ImmanuelAdd