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What's Happening?Mark 5:34Unfortunately, there are many adult Christians who seem to be a bit fuzzy in their understanding of who God is. [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBChangeRebellion,SadnessAdd
One Thing CertainMark 5:34Two men who had not seen each other for a long time met by chance one evening in an all-night [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBFaithTreasure,Fear,HealingAdd
Precious LordMark 5:34"Precious Lord," perhaps the world's most popular Gospel song, established its composer, Tom Dorsey, as the architect of Gospel Music. [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGod: presence ofMiracles,Trust,Faith,Gospel Music,AmazementAdd
Miracle Of MiraclesMark 5:34,41There is an amusing story about a priest and a rabbi who are playing golf together for the first time. [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBLoveSecond opinionAdd