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A Strawberry For YouLuke 1:45One Sunday morning, a preacher went into the pulpit and began to read an Old Testament passage from an Old [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCAcceptanceGod: love of,Love,Present Moment,GiftAdd
Amazing GraceLuke 1:45God's amazing Grace had come to Mary in an unique and amazing form. But there would be no Christmas story, [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCAmazing GraceGod: Grace of,Computer errorAdd 1:45Author Marcus Bach once interviewed Josef Meier, the actor who for many years played the part of Jesus in a [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCBeliefLoveAdd
A 'Not Yet' FaithLuke 1:45Christmas will soon be here. In Shakespeare's words, "Now sits expectation in the air".1 Little children are expecting Santa Claus. [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCChristian disciplesFaith,Christmas expectation,PredictabilityAdd
Hook-line-and-sinker!Luke 1:45Novelist Katherine Ann Porter wrote a little true story of the time she helped her five-year-old niece shop for a [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCChristmas MessageSanta Claus,Winners,LosersAdd
You Can Make A DifferenceLuke 1:45As the Advent Season draws to a close, we direct our thoughts to the Historical Jesus. We think about Jesus [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCFulfillmentPeace,Reconciliation,HealingAdd
Incidentally, What Is Happiness?Luke 1:45Once, when our good friend Charlie Brown was going away for a couple of days, Linus says to him, "I [...]The Assumption of the Virgin MaryAHappinessGod: Will of,Obedience,PracticeAdd
Even Santa Claus!Luke 1:45Rembrandt did a painting which portrays the Biblical story of the storm on the Sea of Galilee. Perhaps some of [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCTrustFulfillment,Santa Claus,Savior,Believers,Christmas,Christ-SpiritAdd
Does Father Know Best?Luke 1:45Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology is preserved in the works of gifted poet/story-tellers, such as Homer and Sophocles, Virgil and [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCWill of GodParenting,God: Will of,Fatherhood,MythologyAdd