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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Gotcha!John 8:7In the late nineteenth century, a controversy erupted among scholars about a brand-new invention. For decades, students had used pencils [...]Fifth Sunday of LentCJudgmentSinners,Forgiveness,Reconciliation,Hypocricy,Eraser,God:mercy ofAdd
The Way OutJohn 8:7There was a certain bishop who loved to play golf. He carried his golf bag in the trunk of his [...]Fifth Sunday of LentCJudgmentalismForgiveness,Hell,Vengeance,PunishmentAdd
The Really Beautiful TimeJohn 8:7What is the really beautiful time in life? Is it the innocent "growing up" period? Is it the adventurous teenage [...]Fifth Sunday of LentCNew YearJudging,Mistakes,Times of life,Beauty in life,Jesus Christ: reputation of,Reputation of JesusAdd
When You're AloneJohn 8:7How does it feel to be hopelessly lost at sea or in the desert or in the mountains, without provisions [...]Fifth Sunday of LentCSelf-righteousnessChange,Compassion,Judgmentalism,LostnessAdd