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What's In A Name?John 17:11There's an old baseball story about a game in which the Cleveland Indians were playing the Chicago Cubs in Chicago. [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterAChurch UnityBaseball,Names,EcumenismAdd
Holding HandsJohn 17:11The ancient Egyptians believed that when they died they would be asked by the god they called "Osiris" two questions. [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterAFidelityService,Joy,Happiness,Humility,ProfessionalismAdd
The Ongoing StruggleJohn 17:11A man who was severely depressed because he "wasn't getting ahead," told his wife that his life was without purpose. [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterAHopeSufferingAdd
What's In A Name?John 17:11In American Indian culture it was considered important to instill a sense of destiny in the young male Indian as [...]Octave of ChristmasBNew YearNames,Word association,Children of GodAdd
We Don't See Anything ElseJohn 17:11In today's Gospel Lesson, on the eve of His execution, Jesus is engaged in formal prayer to the Fahter. Again [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterBPrayerGod: Presence ofAdd
Listen Carefully!John 17:11A little girl was watching TV in her bedroom when her mother called out, "Michelle, come to dinner!" No response. [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterBShepherdListening,Sheep,Flock,TalkAdd