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Do We Care?John 15:12One of the ancient Greek words for "love is eros, meaning erotic love. "Eros' is important, one of God's good [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterBLoveGod: love of,Relationships,Caring,God: Grace of,Compassion,Discipleship,Family Life,EmpathyAdd
In God's ImageJohn 15:12A prominent Jewish Rabbi was asked which books of the Old Testament are the most important to the Jewish Community. [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterBLoveMan for Others,Commandments,Angels,Neighbor: love ofAdd
God's KeyJohn 15:12There is a short story in which a self-centered old man dreams that he died and went to hell. In [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterBLoveNew Life,Pain,Self-centeredness,BeautyAdd
Time To RecycleJohn 15:12Today's Gospel Lesson is taken from Jesus' lengthy instruction to the Apostles after the Last Supper. Jesus had stunned the [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterBRecyclingDiscipleship,Mother's Day (U.S.A.),DecisionsAdd