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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
More Than Good IntentionsJohn 14:21The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Most of us are walking right down the middle of the [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterALoveWill of God,Fulfillment,God: Will of,Intentions,ObedienceAdd
Mother Mary Comes To MeMatthew 3:10These strong words of John the Baptist suggest that he's trying to tell us something important about our preparation for [...]Second Sunday of AdventAWill of GodParenting,God: Will of,MotherhoodAdd
A Painful MysteryMatthew 27:46It has been said that nostalgia is "recalling the fun without remembering the pain." The warm feelings we often have [...]Passion SundayAPainGod: love of,God: Will of,Nostalgia,Palm SundayAdd
Incidentally, What Is Happiness?Luke 1:45Once, when our good friend Charlie Brown was going away for a couple of days, Linus says to him, "I [...]The Assumption of the Virgin MaryAHappinessGod: Will of,Obedience,PracticeAdd
Being Well Or Doing Well?Matthew 21:31Rumor had it that a great prophet had risen up among a people who lived in a place far-removed from [...]Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAObedienceRepentance,Love,God: Will of,Miracles,ConversionAdd
Did You Find Joy?Matthew 25:21Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, talked a great deal about establishing our life's priorities. In one of his writings, he [...]Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAPrioritiesGod: Will of,Treasure,Joy,Church attendanceAdd
Wow! Dynamite!John 1:34The five-year-old daughter of an obstetrician answered the doorbell. "Is your daddy at home?" asked the person at the door. [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeAJesus Christ: baptism ofGod: Will of,Childbirth,ContentmentAdd
How Do We Spell God?Matthew 18:20A New York City pastor tells of the time when his parish was presented with a large supply of kneeling [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAPrayerLove,God: Will ofAdd
Are We Tootling Our Horns?Matthew 20:28Hilda, a woman who had lived all of her life in the hill country, made her first trip to a [...]Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAChangeGod: Will of,Transformation,EquivactionAdd
No Trivial PursuitLuke 1:38You are working in a garden on a beautiful sunlit morning pulling out dandelions. Suddenly, you drop to your knees [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventBTrustLove,God: Will of,Trivia,BurnoutAdd
God DancedMark 1:14Once upon a time there lived a village leader who had three sons. Each son was blessed with his own [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHopeGod: Will ofAdd
Yours For The AskingJohn 15:7"I Want What I Want When I Want It." So goes an old song title. At times, not getting what [...]Fifth Sunday of EasterBPrayerWill of God,God: Will of,Service,Wants,Letting goAdd
One Step RemovedMark 12:32,33,34Most people are aware of the medical evidence on the health hazards of cigarette smoking. Yet, imagine a heavy smoker [...]Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeBLoveGod: Will of,Reign of God,Smoking,Law,ExpertiseAdd
Let GoJohn 12:24A mother whose only son was preparing for college, wrote the following letter to the college president: Dear Sir: My [...]Fifth Sunday of LentBRelinquishmentNew Life,God: Will of,Letting goAdd
Is Anybody Listening?Mark 9:35For Jesus Christ, the secret of His life was in His passionate, joyful, expectant, unconditional giving of Himself to the [...]Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBListeningGod: Will of,Obedience,Communication,Marriage,Revenge,Family CounsellorAdd