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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
What DifferenceJohn 20:28The deepest and most serious drama in the life of every one of us is the decision we make on [...]Second Sunday of EasterARealismJesus Christ: Cross of,Prayer,MeditationAdd
A Local CallMatthew 17:1A high-powered American businessman was visiting Canada. From his hotel room in Toronto, he made a long-distance call to Montreal. [...]Second Sunday of LentATransfigurationPrayer,Mountaintop ExperienceAdd
A Wonderful Christmas SecretJohn 1:14A Yale University professor tells the story of his four-year-old son... The boy was in nursery school, and one day [...]Christmas DayAChristmasChristmas Pageant,God: Presence of,Prayer,IntimacyAdd
A God We Can LoveMatthew 22:37Today's Gospel Lesson contains a phrase we should never go beyond until we're sure we understand its implication: "You shall [...]Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALoveGod: Presence of,PrayerAdd
Near To The Heart Of GodMark 6:31Patti and Scott were expecting a child soon. The parents-to-be invited another couple--Bart and Rita--to see their new nursery... In [...]Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBQuiet timePrayer,Listening,NurseryAdd
Prayer Is ExpensiveJohn 6:11One Sunday morning, two little girls, ages four and six, were leaving Church with their parents. The six-year-old was deep [...]Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHelpPrayer,ServiceAdd
SomedayJohn 3:17About fifteen years ago, in a "New York Times" editorial, the following proposal was made: "Amid all the 'Weeks' observed [...]Fourth Sunday of LentBSalvationPrayer,Present MomentAdd
Don't PanicMark 1:15A married couple had lived together for twenty-five years in what outwardly seemed like a reasonably good union. The husband [...]First Sunday of LentBChangeLoneliness,Satan,Prayer,Temptation,PanicAdd
Saints And SaviorsJohn 10:14-15One of the most exciting things about the Bible is that the Biblical writers tell us over-and-over again this amazing [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterBGuidanceLove,Prayer,Jesus Christ: Baptism ofAdd
Calm Your FearsMark 4:40In one of Aesop's fables, a bunch of frogs pray to the god, Zeus, to send them a king. Zeus [...]Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBChrist as KingPrayer,Fear,SomedayAdd
Go To Your Room!Luke 1:37The story is told of an overworked mother of eight who lived in the 1700s. In her house jammed with [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventBQuiet timeGood News,PrayerAdd
The Last Day Of Your Life?Mark 1:15There are times when we yearn for peace and quiet -- away from the honking horns, the screeching brakes, the [...]First Sunday of LentBListeningRepentance,Prayer,HearingAdd
Is Your Heart In It?Mark 12:43A life insurance salesman visited a woman who had been recently widowed. For thirty five years her late husband had [...]Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGivingPrayer,Stewardship,Worship,Teaching,HeartfeltAdd
Even In The Darkest HourLuke 24:38The disciples in today's Gospel Lesson had been experiencing a terrible spiritual and emotional drain. They had been with Jesus [...]Third Sunday of EasterBDiscipleshipPrayer,Fruitfulness,Witnessing,MotivationAdd
Where Is The Kingdom Of Heaven?Mark 4:30God's Presence in the mainstream of human existence is discovered in the ordinary people of our daily encounters. And often [...]Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGod: presence ofPrayer,Kingdom of God,Grace,CommitmentAdd