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Which Door?Matthew 22:9Robert Murray M'Cheyne is revered in Scotland as one of that nation's great Christian Preachers. Although he died at an [...]Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary TimeASinnersGod: love of,RepentanceAdd
Stop Cheating Yourself!Matthew 3:2It sounds incredible, but it really happened: A man walks into a doctor's waiting room. He has an appointment. What [...]Second Sunday of AdventAConformityRepentanceAdd
Hard Rain FallingJohn 19:30And what did you hear, my blue-eyed son? What did your hear, my darling young one? Heard the roar of [...]Good FridayAGood FridayRepentance,Jesus Christ: Cross of,Blame,Gumperson's LawAdd
Not A Moment To SpareMatthew 21:32A Sunday-school teacher had been telling her class of youngsters about "heavenly rewards" and "crowns of glory" for people who [...]Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAHypocrisyRepentance,Pharisees,Self-righteousnessAdd
A Learning ExperienceMatthew 4:17A small boy, walking down the street one bright summer day, spotted a copper penny glistening at his feet. He [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeATeachingRepentance,TriviaAdd
Being Well Or Doing Well?Matthew 21:31Rumor had it that a great prophet had risen up among a people who lived in a place far-removed from [...]Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAObedienceRepentance,Love,God: Will of,Miracles,ConversionAdd
A Good Neighbor PolicyMark 6:8From time to time most of us are bitten by the "travel bug," and usually the bite is not without [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGood Neighbor PolicyRepentance,Risk-taking,Travel,Christian CommitmentAdd
Forgiven, Forgotten, ForeverMark 2:10-11"Far be it for me to glory except in the Cross of Jesus Christ, Our Lord" (Gal. 6:14). This familiar [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBForgivenessRepentance,Guilt,MysteryAdd
A Mirror ImageMark 9:2Have you ever stopped to think about how much time we spend waiting? In our daily lives we wait at [...]Second Sunday of LentBWaitingGod: love of,Repentance,God: Presence of,Expectation,TransfigurationAdd
What Are You Waiting For?Mark 1:3Mike Ditka, former coach of the Chicago Bears, is one of American football's living legends. Throughout his career, both as [...]Second Sunday of AdventBGod: search forRepentance,Growth,Heaven,ToughnessAdd
The Last Day Of Your Life?Mark 1:15There are times when we yearn for peace and quiet -- away from the honking horns, the screeching brakes, the [...]First Sunday of LentBListeningRepentance,Prayer,HearingAdd
Stand On Your HeadMark 6:12There is a wonderful parable in which a certain man dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates where he is [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBAmazing GraceRepentance,Love,Self-centerednessAdd
Volunteers For ChristJohn 1:23If we claim to be following Jesus Christ and walking in the light of God's Love, but our lifestyle does [...]Third Sunday of AdventBCost of discipleshipRepentance,Good News,Discipleship,Hardness of heartAdd
Let The Light Shine ThroughLuke 3:3The owner of a greenhouse hired a young gardener whom he had judged to be careful, methodical and a hard [...]Second Sunday of AdventCRootsRepentance,ChangeAdd
Phenomenal!Luke 9:36A backwoods preacher liked to show off his superior learning to the congregation by using big words in his sermons. [...]Second Sunday of LentCTransfigurationRepentance,AcknowledgementAdd