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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Catch Another ButterflyLuke 2:17The stars were there for wishing And the wind was there for kites And the morning sun was there for [...]Octave of ChristmasATrustDeclaration of Dependence,Parenting,ChildrenAdd
Wow!Matthew 11:4"We'll leave the light on for you" says comedian Tom Bodett at the end of his radio commercials for "Motel [...]Third Sunday of AdventAJesus Christ: as MessiahLove,ChildrenAdd
Go Out SingingMatthew 1:23The promise has rung, especially in these last days of Advent, throughout concert hall and shopping mall and country Church [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventAChristmas MessageLove,Children,Nativity scene,Praying Hands,SingingAdd
What's Best For The Children?Matthew 13:31The Apostle Paul has summarized our final destiny in the one word: "heirs." "The fact that you are a son [...]Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAKingdom of GodLove,Parenting,Children,Mustard seed,LeavenAdd
The Real MiracleMatthew 14:20We marvel at the New Testament miracle stories in which Jesus walks on water, changes water into wine, raises a [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeALoveChildren,Human BodyAdd
Don't ForgetMatthew 2:28A few days before Christmas, a five-year-old boy went with his mother to a big shopping mall. Their first stop [...]The Epiphany of the LordAKingdom of GodChildren,ForgettingAdd
You've Failed BigMark 9:43,45,47A famous "country" preacher had been invited to deliver a sermon in a big-city Church. When the preacher arrived, the [...]Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGod: goodness ofChildren,Hypocrisy,EpitaphsAdd
The Doomsday BlahsMark 10:14Many persons today are forecasting the early demise of the world. Our world is dying, they say. The end of [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBDoomsdayChildren,Responsibility,Lost and FoundAdd
Now Is The TimeMark 9:35Several critics have called the Japanese motion picture, "Ikiru," the greatest film ever made. "Ikiru" is the story of an [...]Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBServanthoodChildren,Meaning of life,Wisdom,InnocenceAdd
Only God Knows BestMark 10:14-15The greatest Good News ever to break into our existence is the Good News of God's Love. The God who [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBTrustLove,Children,Good News,Original SinAdd
Look For Your LordJohn 20:22Harold Kushner, who wrote the best-selling book, "When Bad Things Happen To Good People," was being interviewed about his newest [...]Pentecost SundayBConditioningLove,Children,God: Presence of,HealingAdd
Let's Do SomethingMark 4:40During World War II, Joe Louis, the champion heavyweight boxer, was one of several celebrities scheduled to say a few [...]Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBServiceChildren,Fear,Faith,Father's Day (U.S.A.)Add
Empty Your Cup!Mark 9:35A little boy named Torre was looking through a box of his things that his grandmother had saved. He came [...]Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBTrustChildren,God: Will of,InnocenceAdd
The DancerMark 10:14Backward, turn backward, O Time in your flight, Make me a child again just for tonight. These two well-known lines [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGod: as DancerChildren,Vision,Childlikeness,DanceAdd
You Can Depend On ItMark 10:15Faith in God, some people believe, is for children only -- a phase of life you pass through and grow [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeBTrustDependence,Love,ChildrenAdd