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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Come Out Of The BasementMatthew 18:22The story is told of an old woman living in Ireland who delighted in the sermons of a certain Irish [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAForgivenessLove,ListeningAdd
Is Your Radio On?Mark 1:4A man was fishing on a river bank at an isolated spot where he was certain no one would see [...]Second Sunday of AdventBRepentanceChange,ListeningAdd
To Turn Us Upside DownMark 1:22Once upon a time a government surveyor brought his equipment to a farm, called on the farmer, and asked permission [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBAuthorityLove,Suffering,ListeningAdd
Unlimited ProfitsJohn 10:11,17In the early twenties, three European immigrants to the United States arrived at New York City's Ellis Island to be [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterBSuccessLove,ListeningAdd
Speaking Of PeaceJohn 20:19A testimonial dinner was arranged for a woman who was retiring after many years of faithful service as the town [...]Pentecost SundayBSpeakingBelief,ListeningAdd
Near To The Heart Of GodMark 6:31Patti and Scott were expecting a child soon. The parents-to-be invited another couple--Bart and Rita--to see their new nursery... In [...]Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBQuiet timePrayer,Listening,NurseryAdd
FootprintsMark 12:29,31Many years ago, on the busiest block of the main street in a small, midwestern town, a smooth cement sidewalk [...]Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeBCommandmentsLove,Loneliness,Hope,ListeningAdd
What Are We Looking For?John 20:1,4,6What are we looking for? That is the question! Today's Gospel episode begins on the morning of the first Easter [...]Easter SundayBEasterResurrection,Meaning of life,Expectation,Listening,Empty tomb,Broken dreamsAdd
Are You Listening?John 1:36Would it not have been marvelous to live at a time when John the Baptist could point his finger and [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBLamb of GodListening,Conversion,Directions,Revivalism,PentecostalsAdd
SpellboundMark 1:22Today there is much talk about a religious revival. That is good news, you think? Yes and no. Mass-produced popular [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBTeachingListening,Blasphemy,Divine Majesty,Spiritual WednesdayAdd
Where Is Heaven?Mark 1:24In a story called "The Fugitive" by the famous Indian writer Tagore, a father returns home from the funeral rites. [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHeavenHell,Listening,Tourists,DemonAdd
A Moment With HimMark 6:31A man decided that it was time for him to become a regular Church-goer. He hoped to find the kind [...]Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBPrayerHealing,Listening,God-centeredAdd
Are We Eager To Listen?Mark 9:2A young girl listened attentively as her big sister told her a bedtime story: Once upon a time there was [...]Second Sunday of LentBBeliefListening,TransfigurationAdd
Wouldn't Everything Be Just Fine?Luke 4:22Did you ever say to yourself as you walked into church, "What am I doing here?" Uristides McFarland went to [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCLoveChosen People,Compassion,Listening,Church-goingAdd
Wagging Your TailLuke 9:34A man named Hartley had a morbid fear of thunder. He went to a prominent psychiatrist who specialized in the [...]The Transfiguration of the LordCJoyFear,Listening,TransfigurationAdd