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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
The Way Is DifficultJohn 6:54"Dying is a very solitary thing!" someone has written. In that very insightful statement, we come close to one of [...]The Body and Blood of ChristADeathDying,Loneliness,Caring,Liberated WomanAdd
FootprintsMark 12:29,31Many years ago, on the busiest block of the main street in a small, midwestern town, a smooth cement sidewalk [...]Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeBCommandmentsLove,Loneliness,Hope,ListeningAdd
A Terrible CavityMark 15:34The world famous author/psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Tournier, has called loneliness "the most devastating malady of the age." Another eminent physician [...]Passion SundayBGood FridayDeath,Loneliness,Suffering,Jesus Christ: Passion of,AbandonmentAdd
Greek To UsMark 14:22One of the striking things about Jesus' ministry is that He chose not to make it alone, but at the [...]The Body and Blood of ChristBBody of ChristLoneliness,Christian Community,Koinonia,FellowshipAdd
Don't PanicMark 1:15A married couple had lived together for twenty-five years in what outwardly seemed like a reasonably good union. The husband [...]First Sunday of LentBChangeLoneliness,Satan,Prayer,Temptation,PanicAdd
Reach For The SummitLuke 15:24Thomas Wolfe, one of America's literary giants, believed that the experience of loneliness was a necessary condition of creative living. [...]Fourth Sunday of LentCProdigal SonLoneliness,Forgiveness,Reconciliation,Longing,Prodigal FatherAdd
Life As It Should BeLuke 5:10Dealing with the issue of how we can best live -- what we should do with our priceless human existence [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCGainLoneliness,Fishers,HumanityAdd
Welcome!Luke 15:20Student car-parking space had become extremely scarce at a large University. As a result, anyone who parked illegally was quickly [...]Fourth Sunday of LentCWelcomingLoneliness,God: Presence of,Reconciliation,Hugging,Prodigal SonAdd
Pass It OnLuke 5:11Two experienced fishermen went ice-fishing. They chopped holes in the ice, put worms on their hooks, dropped their lines into [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCSecret of lifeLove,Loneliness,Fishermen,Fish StoryAdd
Come Back For MoreJohn 6:15From the beginning of His public ministry, "the Man who would not be king" becomes a dominant theme in the [...]Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBChrist as KingLoneliness,Devil,Bread of Life,KingdomAdd
Go Into Your HeartJohn 17:24Despite his ongoing financial successes, a businessman was unhappy with the way his life was going. Consequently, he consulted a [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCJesus: presence ofLoneliness,Comfort,Heart,Winnie the PoohAdd