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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Breakthrough To GodMatthew 23:12Sunday school teacher: "Johnny, can you tell me who will wear the biggest crown in heaven?" Johnny: "Sure. The one [...]Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeAHumilityPharisees,Self-righteousness,Hypocrisy,Jesus Christ: as Teacher,ServiceAdd
Understanding The NeedMatthew 11:28We are living in an age when machines perform most of our heavy work. Unlike the laboring people in Jesus' [...]Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeABurdensParenting,Service,EmpathyAdd
Extravagantly Beautiful!Matthew 16:15The greatest moment of your life occurs when, from the innermost depth of your being you say, in answer to [...]Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeALoveCaring,Sharing,ServiceAdd
I Want To Be Happy!Luke 2:15Gilbert West was a noted British educator and author. Sir Edward Littleton was a famous English judge. West and Littleton [...]Octave of ChristmasANew YearLove,Service,Conversion,HappinessAdd
How To Feel Really GoodMatthew 22:2A Theology professor in a midwestern seminary tells of a casual conversation he once had with an old friend: A [...]Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAHappinessFulfillment,Kingdom of God,ServiceAdd
Isn't My Child Wonderful?Matthew 25:37When the Russian, Yuri Gagarin (the first man in space), returned to earth, he made the statement that he didn't [...]Christ The King (Thirty-Fourth Sunday)AGod: presence ofGod: love of,Last Judgment,Service,Motherhood,WisdomAdd
Person-to-personMatthew 3:2Many months ago, the "Daily Oklahoman" newspaper ran a little tale about what happened when Satan agreed to be interviewed [...]Second Sunday of AdventAChangeSatan,Service,call waiting,high tech,ComputersAdd
He's Hollow!Matthew 23:3,4A larger than average man stepped on a scale not knowing it was out of order. The indicator stopped at [...]Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeAExampleCaring,Sharing,ServiceAdd
Spectator Or Participant?Matthew 17:2The religions of today differ in many ways. However, they seem to have at least one thing in common; they [...]Second Sunday of LentAParticipationReligion,Service,TransfigurationAdd
Prayer Is ExpensiveJohn 6:11One Sunday morning, two little girls, ages four and six, were leaving Church with their parents. The six-year-old was deep [...]Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHelpPrayer,ServiceAdd
Yours For The AskingJohn 15:7"I Want What I Want When I Want It." So goes an old song title. At times, not getting what [...]Fifth Sunday of EasterBPrayerWill of God,God: Will of,Service,Wants,Letting goAdd
Praise The LordLuke 1:46,50Today's Gospel Lesson begins by telling us that Mary "set out, proceeding in haste, into the hill country to a [...]The Assumption of the Virgin MaryBPraisePreaching,Service,Shalom,MagnificatAdd
Don't Drown Him Out!John 6:45"What this country needs" someone said recently, "is an almanac with all-blank pages for those who know everything." The same [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBWisdomService,Duty,Know-it-allsAdd
Christmas Is ComingJohn 1:9In keeping with the Advent theme of high hope and great expectation, the Prophet Isaiah joyfully announces: "The Lord has [...]Third Sunday of AdventBExpectationGod: Will of,Servanthood,Hope,Service,HappinessAdd
Jesus Christ Is Lord!Mark 14:36From our school-days we remember the traditional "Seven Wonders" of the ancient world: the Pyramids of Egypt, the Hanging Gardens [...]Passion SundayBServanthoodService,WondersAdd