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FeelingsJohn 20:19,20In the Old Testament saga, Israel's greatest King is David. He was called the "Lion of Judah," the "Warrior King." [...]Pentecost SundayARejoicingLove,Holy Spirit,Ark of the Covenant,RelationshipsAdd
The ConnectionJohn 17:4Not long ago, a Midwest newspaper ran the story of a memory expert. He had earned a doctors' degree in [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterAGloryLove,Relationships,MemoryAdd
Get On My BackMatthew 11:28"All you who are weary and find life burdensome" is a figure of speech drawn from the laboring people of [...]Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeABurdensRelationships,God: Presence ofAdd
No One To Look Down OnMatthew 20:16God's ways are not our ways. God's thoughts are not our thoughts: As high as the heavens are above the [...]Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAExaltationGod: love of,Relationships,Gospel TruthAdd
Wouldn't It Be Fantastic?John 1:1Some of you here today are old enough to remember the number one, best-selling record of the Mills Brothers ... [...]Christmas DayAChristmasLove,Relationships,God: Word of,Christmas MeaningAdd
The PriceMatthew 13:30An Army sergeant had recently been transferred across the country to a new base. The family had moved with him, [...]Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGod's WayRelationships,Daily DeathsAdd
Winter Had ComeMatthew 13:44"So long as he is in this world, man is like a sick person lying upon a bed more or [...]Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeATreasureRelationships,Rule of God,God: rule of,Rule of LoveAdd
Do We Care?John 15:12One of the ancient Greek words for "love is eros, meaning erotic love. "Eros' is important, one of God's good [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterBLoveGod: love of,Relationships,Caring,God: Grace of,Compassion,Discipleship,Family Life,EmpathyAdd
He's Only . . .Mark 9:41A school superintendent and an elementary school principal were conducting a review of an eighth grade teacher's work. As they [...]Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBRewardGiving,Relationships,Sensitivity,HellishnessAdd
Be YourselfJohn 17:9In recent years much emphasis has been placed on the "cool" look. We are encouraged to look like we're not [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterBGloryRelationships,Cool Look,Jesus Christ: emotions ofAdd
I Don't RememberMark 15:34In a Sunday school class, the teacher was working with her young students on the subject of the Crucifixion. As [...]Passion SundayBForgivenessRelationships,CrucifixionAdd
A Glorious VisionJohn 6:33In the teachings of Buddha, there is a list of what is called "the four sorrows." The first is "sickness." [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBCommunity of ChristRelationships,Vision,Bread of Life,Royal PriesthoodAdd
The Future Is OursMark 13:33It is said that our present Age lacks a proper sense of reverence for the awesome mystery of life. Modern [...]First Sunday of AdventBEnd-timeRelationships,God's children,God: children of,Married Love,Mystery of EvilAdd
A Call To DiscoveryLuke 2:33Those who have been to the Holy Land often come back to report a surprise: it is so very small. [...]The Holy FamilyBIncarnationRelationships,Jesus Christ: discovery ofAdd
What Money Can't BuyLuke 16:13Two business competitors argued at length about certain shady business practices. Finally, one said to the other, "Let's be clear [...]Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCPrioritiesRelationships,Gifts,MotherhoodAdd