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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Citizens Of The KingdomMatthew 12:37-38When you plant a seed, you put it in the dark, quiet ground and nothing happens: no violins sing, no [...]Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAKingdom of GodGod: Presence of,ConformityAdd
A Matter Of TrustMatthew 18:21The scene is an ice cream parlor. The characters are two large turtles and a small one. Each of the [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeATrustForgiveness,Conformity,Original Sin,RevengeAdd
The More He Gave, The More He HadMatthew 20:16A man went to see the pastor of a downtown Church and told him a distressing story of poverty and [...]Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGenerosityGiving,Success,Conformity,Maxims,FailureAdd
Coming Up Empty?Mark 10:17Do you remember the fairy tale, "The Sleeping Beauty." There is to be a royal wedding. The wicked witch is [...]Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBMoneyConformity,SleepAdd
What A VisionMatthew 2:2A biologist was conducting an experiment with caterpillars. He took a flower pot containing a plant. Around the rim of [...]The Epiphany of the LordBVisionMagi,Conformity,HolinessAdd
The Whole PictureLuke 4:22Two kindergarten pupils were standing together in the schoolyard. A jet plane whizzed by overhead. "Did you see that?" said [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCGod: universal love ofConformity,Meaning of life,Spirit of '76,Gospel SpiritAdd
It's A Wonderful Life!John 21:7Ammon Hennacy was a farmer in Arizona. He was also a practicing non-conformist who was deeply committed to absolute pacifism. [...]Third Sunday of EasterCValuesObedience,Conformity,Pacifism,AngelAdd
Everybody's Doing It!Luke 12:20Once upon a time there was a king who had everything the world had to offer -- all that money [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCGod: rule ofPriorities,Conformity,Happiness,EccentricityAdd