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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Put Yourself Into ItMatthew 13:23A seminary student was showing little promise of developing into a good preacher. One day, as he stumbled through a [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGod: word ofHoly Bible,Reconciliation,Preaching,Berlin WallAdd
Person-centeredMatthew 14:14A preacher well-known for his moving sermons, was on a big jet plane crowded with passengers. In mid-flight the pilot [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAHealingCaring,Preaching,Jesus Christ: as ModelAdd
The Bus Is WaitingMatthew 13:23In a fascinating story of his journey across the United States with his pet dog, John Steinbeck tells of a [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAWord of GodGood News,Obedience,Preaching,HellAdd
Get Off Your High HorseMatthew 13:15"Sailbad the Sinner" is the name of an old sailboat owned by Baptist Minister, Jess Moody. One day, Moody and [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAResponsibilityPreaching,Idolatry,PrivilegeAdd
Broken PatternsMark 1:30-31There is the wonderful story about a woman listening to her pastor preach a Sunday morning sermon about Simon Peter's [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHealingDependence,God: dependence on,PreachingAdd
First The TremblingJohn 19:30A well-known preacher was invited to deliver a sermon in the chapel of a college for the deaf. He described [...]Good FridayBGood FridayJesus Christ: Cross of,Preaching,Sacrifice,AtonementAdd
The Bird Is In Your HandsJohn 20:21A young clergyman was anxious to improve the quality of his preaching. He bought a cassette tape-recorder and the following [...]Pentecost SundayBSocial JusticePentecost,Preaching,Humility,RegellionAdd
Praise The LordLuke 1:46,50Today's Gospel Lesson begins by telling us that Mary "set out, proceeding in haste, into the hill country to a [...]The Assumption of the Virgin MaryBPraisePreaching,Service,Shalom,MagnificatAdd
Prepare Him RoomMark 13:36At a preachers' conference, a discussion arose about people who fall asleep during the Sunday Sermon. One of the participants, [...]First Sunday of AdventBRepentancePreaching,Christmas,Sleep,Advent,WearinessAdd
Up A Tree?Mark 15:37Knowing that He would be put to death in a few days, Jesus said to two of His disciples: Now [...]Passion SundayBLostnessLove,Preaching,Cross,Home,AddictionsAdd
The Best MedicineLuke 3:18On his return from a trip into the wilds, a birdwatcher told this story of an encounter with a bear. [...]Third Sunday of AdventCRepentanceChange,Preaching,WorryAdd
Bread For The HungryLuke 9:13In a little book called "You're Out of Date, God?" the author quotes from an old letter from her mother: [...]The Body and Blood of ChristCBread of LifeLoaves and fishes,Preaching,Creation,SermonsAdd
Stop, Look And ListenJohn 10:27In many English translations of the Bible, the word "behold" appears hundreds of times. In the Christmas Story for example: [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterCAttention!God: Presence of,Preaching,Listening,LookingAdd
Two-fork ChurchLuke 9:16-17Dr. Howard Thurman, clergyman and scholar, who once appeared on "Life" magazine's list of "Ten Best Preachers in America," had [...]The Body and Blood of ChristCLoaves and fishesEternal Life,Last Supper,Preaching,Bread of LifeAdd
Now Thank We All Our GodLuke 17:18We all know the story from the Book of Exodus of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. With Pharaoh's army [...]Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCThanksSong,Preaching,SingingAdd