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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Today I Will Be GladJohn 14:17Many years ago, before television, a well-meaning person proposed what she felt would put an end to war and violence [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterAHoly SpiritGood Samaritan,Reconciliation,PentecostAdd
Put Yourself Into ItMatthew 13:23A seminary student was showing little promise of developing into a good preacher. One day, as he stumbled through a [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGod: word ofHoly Bible,Reconciliation,Preaching,Berlin WallAdd
No Room For HateMatthew 18:20We have gathered in Jesus' Name and, truly, He is in the midst of us. He is here to help [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAAngerForgiveness,Reconciliation,Estrangement,HatredAdd
We Cannot Be NeutralMark 9:41In today's Gospel Lesson, Jesus says to His disciples "Anyone who is not against us is for us" (Mark 9:40). [...]Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBCommitmentCaring,Reconciliation,ChurchAdd
You Can Make A DifferenceLuke 1:45As the Advent Season draws to a close, we direct our thoughts to the Historical Jesus. We think about Jesus [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCFulfillmentPeace,Reconciliation,HealingAdd
The Expression Of LifeLuke 9:62A famous preacher tells of receiving a letter from a parishioner which began as follows: "I listened to your sermon [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCFamily LifeRelationships,Ministry of Service,God: Presence of,Reconciliation,Service,Agape LoveAdd
The Way It IsLuke 2:48Texans love to tell a story that begins with this question: "Did you know that George Washington originally came from [...]The Holy FamilyCTruthReconciliation,TV commercialsAdd
Reach For The SummitLuke 15:24Thomas Wolfe, one of America's literary giants, believed that the experience of loneliness was a necessary condition of creative living. [...]Fourth Sunday of LentCProdigal SonLoneliness,Forgiveness,Reconciliation,Longing,Prodigal FatherAdd
Oh, God, Take Us BackLuke 15:7It has been said that nothing in the entire Biblical Message is more thoroughly resisted and rejected by modern man [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCRepentanceSinners,Forgiveness,Reconciliation,Self-righteousnessAdd
Good Work God!John 20:21A young mother, after putting her two children to bed one night, changed into an over-sized sweatshirt and an old [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCLanguage of loveLove,Reconciliation,God: existence ofAdd
Welcome!Luke 15:20Student car-parking space had become extremely scarce at a large University. As a result, anyone who parked illegally was quickly [...]Fourth Sunday of LentCWelcomingLoneliness,God: Presence of,Reconciliation,Hugging,Prodigal SonAdd
A Lesson In LivingLuke 15:20A poem written by "anonymous" begins, Great grandfather who lived in dreary bogs thought the world was going to the dogs. Grandfather who [...]Fourth Sunday of LentCProdigal SonReconciliation,Family,Welcoming,Father,EncouragementAdd
Walk In The Other's MoccasinsMatthew 5:24A week after his mother's funeral, a man went to see his pastor ... The man was in the clutches of [...]Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAForgivenessRepentance,Reconciliation,EmpathyAdd
Pass It On!Matthew 18:22A recent Washington Post feature article was headed, "God Speaks From Above." The article described a national public service campaign [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAForgivenessAcceptance,Reconciliation,Brotherhood,GrudgesAdd
Gotcha!John 8:7In the late nineteenth century, a controversy erupted among scholars about a brand-new invention. For decades, students had used pencils [...]Fifth Sunday of LentCJudgmentSinners,Forgiveness,Reconciliation,Hypocricy,Eraser,God:mercy ofAdd