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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Stay AwakeMatthew 24:38,39Tranquilizers and sleeping pills are in great demand these days, and today's Gospel emphasis on staying awake may seem out [...]First Sunday of AdventAListeningCommunication,PracticeAdd
Have A Nice Life!Mark 7:35One Sunday morning, Helena, a member of the Providence, Rhode Island Women's Club, sat in Church and listened intently to [...]Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHearingCommunication,Miracles,Deafness,AlzheimersAdd
God Is With UsJohn 1:14Suppose God had given us the job of arranging for His journey into this world! How would we go about [...]Christmas DayBChristmasGifts,Communication,Jesus Christ: coming ofAdd
Is Anybody Listening?Mark 9:35For Jesus Christ, the secret of His life was in His passionate, joyful, expectant, unconditional giving of Himself to the [...]Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBListeningGod: Will of,Obedience,Communication,Marriage,Revenge,Family CounsellorAdd
Listen To LoveLuke 6:38Those of us who have identified with Jesus the Christ, have been taught a very special kind of love, which [...]Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeCParentingLove,Communication,ListeningAdd
We're Never On HoldMatthew 5:13,14A woman was telling some friends about a very thorough "First Aid" course she had taken. "You have no idea [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBPrayerCommunication,Healing,Listening,DisciplesAdd