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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Positive IdentificationMatthew 16:15-16The uniqueness of living things is one of life's most awesome wonders. No two blades of grass, no two roses, [...]Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeASelf-identityUniqueness,Jesus Christ: as Messiah,Prince of Peace,MessiahAdd
Who Do We Say We Are?John 1:41In today's Gospel Lesson, Jesus begins His public ministry by calling His first disciples. And their decision to follow Him [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBIdentityLove,Uniqueness,Jesus Christ: as Messiah,ConfessionAdd
A Seamless RobeMark 12:31There is a wonderful "New Yorker" magazine cartoon which depicts a woman, scowling, as she says: One day Arnie, my [...]Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeBLoveNeighbor,Uniqueness,Worthwhileness,AnalysisAdd
The Company Of The EliteLuke 13:30In our ordinary language we tend to label things in a way that implies sameness. Yet, "We live in a [...]Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeCElitismUniqueness,Cross,Egoism,EqualityAdd
Why Didn't We?Luke 10:25Many of you know, I am sure, the beautiful classic story of "The Little Prince" ... The Little Prince, you may [...]Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCEternal LifeUniqueness,God:presence of,God:love of,IndividualityAdd