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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
One Man's FamilyLuke 2:51Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a living legend of love for the poor and oppressed and the homeless and people [...]The Holy FamilyCFamilyResponsibility,Self-acceptance,Mother Teresa,FatherAdd
Please God!Luke 3:22With the coming of each New Year comes the realization that there are some things in life that we have [...]The Baptism of the LordCBaptism of JesusHoly Spirit,Happiness,New Year,FatherAdd
A Lesson In LivingLuke 15:20A poem written by "anonymous" begins, Great grandfather who lived in dreary bogs thought the world was going to the dogs. Grandfather who [...]Fourth Sunday of LentCProdigal SonReconciliation,Family,Welcoming,Father,EncouragementAdd
Bright And BreezyJohn 14:7According to a syndicated newspaper columnist, "Freedom of choice has become exhausting." He says that he has come to see [...]Fifth Sunday of EasterAGod: presence ofObedience,Freedom,Service,Father,God:fatherhood ofAdd
One At A TimeLuke 11:1A father, son and daughter were having dinner at home. The mother was away visiting a sick relative. Little Annie, [...]Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCGod: fatherhood ofPrayer,Lord's Prayer,Singing,Father,GrandfatherAdd