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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
Come Back For MoreJohn 6:15From the beginning of His public ministry, "the Man who would not be king" becomes a dominant theme in the [...]Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBChrist as KingLoneliness,Devil,Bread of Life,KingdomAdd
No Second OpinionLuke 6:20A certain high-level politician made life absolutely miserable for his speech-writer ... The speech-writer was regarded by political observers as [...]Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCPoor in SpiritHumility,Know-it-alls,Kingdom,God:dependence on,IntimidationAdd
Perfect Attendance RecordMatthew 3:2A sixth grade teacher was trying her best to discipline a particularly mischievous student. She tried reasoning with him. She [...]Second Sunday of AdventASalvationEvangelism,Service,God:presence of,Kingdom,PreparationAdd
Get Busy!Matthew 5:13,14The time is coming, I am convinced of it, when the world will pay the same beautiful tribute to present-day [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAWorkLight,Devil,KingdomAdd
What Are We Looking For?Matthew 21:43Grandpa and his six-year-old grandson went fishing together. It was the boy's first experience as a fisherman and, when he [...]Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGod: authority ofRepentance,Love,Direction,KingdomAdd
Formula For The AgesMatthew 2:8The year was 1905. Albert Einstein astounded the scientific community with a Formula For the Ages -- e = mc2 [...]The Epiphany of the LordBEpiphanyMagi,Kingdom,Einstein; Albert,Theory of relativity,WisemenAdd
Because You're YouJohn 1:34The following ad appeared in the "classified" section of a weekly newspaper: For sale. Complete Encyclopedia set. Twenty-six volumes in mint [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBMessiahPride,Kingdom,Big-shot,Know-it-allAdd
Huggable And Buggable YouMatthew 20:16In a "Peanuts" comic strip, little Lucy is trying to better understand the little dog "Snoopy." She looks at him [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBChrist PresenceMystery,Kingdom,Identity,HugsAdd
Make It Unanimous!Matthew 24:42The pastor of a large urban parish once did a TV series called "The Kingdom of God." Each week on [...]First Sunday of AdventAExpectationSavior,Kingdom,Waking,AlertnessAdd
The Turning PointLuke 23:42A high-ranking Military Chaplain once introduced a standard Bible Study Curriculum for children in military families. However, the continuity of [...]Christ The King (Thirty-Fourth Sunday)CChrist our KingResurrection Power,Cross,God:rule of,Kingdom,Christ:Kingship ofAdd
Crystal ClearLuke 12:34In a "Peanuts" comic strip, Lucy and Charlie Brown are engaged in earnest conversation about the meaning of life. Lucy [...]Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCMoneyPossessions,Priorities,Present Moment,Kingdom,Simplicity,Thoreau:Henry DavidAdd
Walk The Walk!Luke 9:62A man was grieving over the recent death of his dog -- his faithful friend for fifteen years. He wanted [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCDiscipleshipPreaching,Service,Followers,Kingdom,DogsAdd