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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
We Can Handle ItMark 1:33There is a story about a couple who had been married for more than thirty years. One evening, when the [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBHealingMarriage,Book of Job,Followers,God - - dependence onAdd
Try To Be A Little Kinder!Luke 5:11Tired of just "hanging around," an elderly man took part-time employment as a messenger. His job was to make pick-ups [...]Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCFishers of menPrayer,Discipleship,Faith,Hands,Followers,Seuss:Dr.Add
A Different StreetJohn 16:13As a Society, does the motto "In God we trust" lead us to the complete truth? Does it really reflect [...]The Holy TrinityCTruthMoney,Priorities,Followers,God:trust in,Close EncountersAdd
Don't ForgetMatthew 10:37A true story: Grandfather was showing signs that he might soon need to be looked after full time. This led to [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGod: sovereignty ofObedience,Priorities,Disciples,Followers,FaithfulnessAdd
Heaven Can't Wait!Matthew 16:25Historians tell us that when the Roman Emperor, Severus, neared the end of his life, he gave a kind of [...]Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeBEternal LifeFulfillment,Obedience,Happiness,God-centered,Followers,LimitationsAdd
The Best Is Yet To ComeMatthew 25:34One Sunday morning a little boy was "acting up" in Church. The parents did their best to maintain some sense [...]Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeBExpectationPreparedness,Messiah,Happiness,Followers,PrayingAdd
The Golden GlueJohn 17:21Somewhere in the Far East, there are craftsmen who make very large earthen urns. Like any other pottery, they are [...]The Ascension of The LordCUnityNihilism,Followers,Brokenness,Pottery,Witnesses,Men of GodAdd
Good ListenersJohn 10:27A popular literary journalist1 began thinking about the telephone and how it affects people's lives ... He thought of the people [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterCListeningObedience,Sheep,Loyalty,Followers,WordAdd
Jump In, The Water's Fine!John 21:16A college speech professor detested the way speakers tend to repeat points in order to emphasize them. On one occasion, [...]Third Sunday of EasterCServantSheep,Disciples,Followers,Emphasis,RepetitionAdd
Walk The Walk!Luke 9:62A man was grieving over the recent death of his dog -- his faithful friend for fifteen years. He wanted [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCDiscipleshipPreaching,Service,Followers,Kingdom,DogsAdd
What's New?Matthew 10:38Once upon a time, two little sunflower seeds nestled snugly together in the soft earth ... They talked of God, the [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeACrossObedience,Example,Wisdom,News,Followers,BurdenAdd
They Will Not Fail!John 14:14The Gospels tell us that Jesus of Nazareth came among His people, loving them, healing them, bringing them the Good [...]Fifth Sunday of EasterAWorksObedience,Faith,Anger,Followers,Metamorphosis,SadduceesAdd
Constantly On The WatchJohn 10:10A retired couple were sitting in their "rec" room one evening. The wife was watching the nightly news on TV; [...]Fourth Sunday of EasterAGood ShepherdChoice,Work,Sheep,Followers,Flock,ExhaustionAdd
Betrayal, Or Loyalty?Matthew 26:21Imagine what might have taken place if the twelve Apostles had submitted formal job applications to Jesus before they were [...]Passion SundayABetrayalObedience,Loyalty,Disciples,Followers,Apostle,Resume,EmploymentAdd
What Is The Cost?Matthew 4:17It was the last day before the football team of a large University was to play it's biggest game of [...]Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeARepentanceNew Life,Change,Obedience,Service,Football,FollowersAdd