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TitleScripture SummaryBodyWeekCycleTopicKeywords 
The Hunger BanquetMatthew 15:23The following is from an article that appeared on the front page of one of the national newspapers: If Gerry [...]Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAExploitationHunger,Survival,CompassionAdd
True Food For True LifeJohn 6:51To eat someone's flesh, to drink someone's blood ... This is the stuff of horror novels and lurid splatter movies. [...]The Body and Blood of ChristABreadHunger,Abundant Life,Emptiness,ThirstAdd
The Bridge Of LifeMark 6:34In the Gospel of John, there is a conversation between Jesus and the Apostle Peter that can nourish our spirit [...]Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBLoveLoaves and fishes,Hunger,FoodAdd
Satisfy Your HungerMatthew 14:16A rather portly pastor had been urged by several parishioners to lose weight. Finally, he decided to take their advice. [...]Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeASpiritual FoodLoaves and fishes,Hunger,Spiritual nourishmentAdd