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Anxious WorryMark 4:40In George R. Hausman's "The Parable of the Apple Tree," the author describes how, one winter, he spent his daily [...]Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBAnxietyTrust,Apple TreeAdd
Any Questions?Matthew 10:42The famous poet and playwright, Archibald MacLeish, once was invited to participate in a special worship service at Harvard University's [...]Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAPeace of mindLove,Hope,Father's Day (U.S.A.),Mother's Day (U.S.A.)Add
Anything Is Liable To Happen!John 20:29In an episode from the old Jack Benny radio comedy series, Jack and Rochester are driving down the street in [...]Second Sunday of EasterAGreatnessBelief,SurpriseAdd
Applause From GodJohn 2:5On the first day of a beginning science course, a sixth-grade science teacher decided to dazzle his young students with [...]Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCMiraclesLove,TrustAdd
Apprentice LoversJohn 15:9"Love is the only bow on life's dark cloud. It is the Morning and the Evening Star. It shines upon [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterBLoveRomantic love,Jesus Christ: as Master LoverAdd
Are Boys Better Than Girls?Luke 18:3A little girl named Jenifer decided to write a letter to God. "Dear God," she began, "are boys better than [...]Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary TimeCSexual equalityJesus Christ: and women,Sexual exploitationAdd
Are We Eager To Listen?Mark 9:2A young girl listened attentively as her big sister told her a bedtime story: Once upon a time there was [...]Second Sunday of LentBBeliefListening,TransfigurationAdd
Are We On Our Way?Matthew 3:1,2It's so easy sometimes to find ways of avoiding responsibility. But, clever as we may be at covering up and [...]Second Sunday of AdventARepentanceNew Life,Service,Silence,PinocchioAdd
Are We Tootling Our Horns?Matthew 20:28Hilda, a woman who had lived all of her life in the hill country, made her first trip to a [...]Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAChangeGod: Will of,Transformation,EquivactionAdd
Are You A Power?Luke 20:38The opening sentences of a book called "Advice From a Failure,"1 brings the reader face-to-face with certain of life's realities: [...]Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCChurchLove,Faith,Self-identity,SpontaneityAdd
Are You A Sweet-'tator?Mark 7:6A well-known preacher once brought a small basket of potatoes into the pulpit. One-by-one, he gave each potato a name [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBPotentialValues,Hypocrisy,EgoAdd
Are You All Right?John 14:1Worry never climbed a hill. Worry never paid a bill. Worry never dried a tear. Worry never calmed a fear. [...]Fifth Sunday of EasterAAnxietyLoveAdd
Are You Hiding?John 20:18There was a time, at the dawn of the world, when the Lord God walked in the garden in the [...]Easter SundayBEasterObedience,Risen Christ,Garden of EdenAdd
Are You In Hot Water?Mark 12:44During the mid-1800s, Alexis DeTocqueville, the famous French Historian, endeavored to capture and record some of the spirit of the [...]Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBMoneyGiving,PrioritiesAdd
Are You In Your Right Mind?John 4:23It has been said that we live in a time in which the "self" is paramount in the pursuit of [...]Third Sunday of LentAWorshipExample,Happiness,LongevityAdd