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The Golden GlueJohn 17:21Somewhere in the Far East, there are craftsmen who make very large earthen urns. Like any other pottery, they are [...]The Ascension of The LordCUnityNihilism,Followers,Brokenness,Pottery,Witnesses,Men of GodAdd
Lord, Teach Us To PrayJohn 17:23In a book called "God and My Father," Clarence Day recalls his father's attitude and approach to prayer. He says [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCPrayerPsychosomatic,Psychology,SpiritAdd
Go Into Your HeartJohn 17:24Despite his ongoing financial successes, a businessman was unhappy with the way his life was going. Consequently, he consulted a [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCJesus: presence ofLoneliness,Comfort,Heart,Winnie the PoohAdd
A Matter Of ChoiceJohn 17:26A few years ago, the City of Newark, New Jersey began selling water from its reservoir to neighboring Jersey City. [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCChoiceTrust,Commitment,Motivation,DilutionAdd
The Cost Of LifeJohn 17:26"The Stranger," by Albert Camus, is a powerful novel which deals with those fundamental life-and-death questions that concern us all [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCEmptinessFulfillment,Trust,Radical obedience,cost of,SincerityAdd
Jesus Wants InJohn 17:26Jesus came to make God real for us. Jesus came to make God immediate to us, present to us. Through [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterCLoveGiving,Good SamaritanAdd
Put On The Lord Jesus ChristJohn 17:26An elderly gentleman on a train trip asked a fellow-passenger: "Do you have any grandchildren?" "Yes," was the reply. Then [...]Sixth Sunday of EasterCTransformationTruth,Change,PeaceAdd
The Creative ProcessJohn 17:3While it is true that our Old Testament religious forebearers had a keen awareness of the importance of past and [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterAEternal LifeCreationAdd
Permission To Cross The StreetJohn 17:3Over the arches of the triple doorway of the Cathedral of Milan there are three inscriptions. One is a beautifully [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterAEternal LifePresent Moment,ExpectationAdd
Interview God And Rush PicturesJohn 17:3Dr. Wilfred Funk, the famous author of many dictionaries, was once asked to list the ten most expressive words in [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterAFatherhoodFaith,God: as FatherAdd
The ConnectionJohn 17:4Not long ago, a Midwest newspaper ran the story of a memory expert. He had earned a doctors' degree in [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterAGloryLove,Relationships,MemoryAdd
Even My MoneyJohn 17:4,10William Allen White, famed Editor of the "Emporia Gazette," was a staunch member of the Democratic Party. On one occasion, [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterALoveGod: love of,Money,Giving,SuccessAdd
All You Need To KnowJohn 17:8A grandmother was constantly trying to improve her little granddaughter's vocabulary. She taught her some new words to use, and [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterATeacherEnthusiasm,Words,Christ:presence of,EducationAdd
Be YourselfJohn 17:9In recent years much emphasis has been placed on the "cool" look. We are encouraged to look like we're not [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterBGloryRelationships,Cool Look,Jesus Christ: emotions ofAdd
If I Wake Before I DieJohn 18:21If you live close to God and His infinite Grace, You don't have to tell, it shows on your face!1 [...]Good FridayCGood FridayAttitude,Applesauce,AwakeningAdd