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All You Need To KnowJohn 17:8A grandmother was constantly trying to improve her little granddaughter's vocabulary. She taught her some new words to use, and [...]Seventh Sunday of EasterATeacherEnthusiasm,Words,Christ:presence of,EducationAdd
The Gift Of EarsJohn 2:15A great deal has been said in recent years about Christians who have received the gift of tongues. Many good [...]Third Sunday of LentBExploitationLove,Neighbor,Evangelism,Good Samaritan,HatredAdd
Nothing But The TruthJohn 16:13A great defense lawyer was defending a client who was the victim of some trumped-up charges. The main witness against [...]The Holy TrinityCTruthRepentance,Rebellion,HonestyAdd
The Possible DreamMark 1:22A group of seminary students attended a lecture by one of the world's most distinguished Scripture Scholar/Theologians. After the lecture, [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBTeachingJesus Christ: as TeacherAdd
Down On Your Luck?Luke 15:20A group of well-intentioned people met to discuss ways and means of helping a friend who had been down on [...]Fourth Sunday of LentCProdigal SonRepentance,Attitude,God: Mercy of,Mercy of God,LuckAdd
A Local CallMatthew 17:1A high-powered American businessman was visiting Canada. From his hotel room in Toronto, he made a long-distance call to Montreal. [...]Second Sunday of LentATransfigurationPrayer,Mountaintop ExperienceAdd
The Turning PointLuke 23:42A high-ranking Military Chaplain once introduced a standard Bible Study Curriculum for children in military families. However, the continuity of [...]Christ The King (Thirty-Fourth Sunday)CChrist our KingResurrection Power,Cross,God:rule of,Kingdom,Christ:Kingship ofAdd
Do Nothing, Gain NothingMatthew 25:21A highly-placed corporate manager announced, tongue-in-cheek, the establishment of an annual "Better Management Award." The first award would be made, [...]Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary TimeAGrowthLife-enrichment,JoyAdd
Pride, The Utmost EvilMatthew 16:26A husband and wife were walking through an arcade on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. The husband dropped a coin [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeAPrideNear-death experienceAdd
Turn On The LightMatthew 18:21A husband and wife, in their late eighties, both were becoming extremely forgetful. He would forget where he put his [...]Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeAReconciliationAttitude,ForgetfulnessAdd
What God Expects You To DoMatthew 5:2A Jewish family moved into a new neighborhood. The parents felt that their young son would benefit from some extra [...]Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimeBJesus: teachings ofResponsibility,Example,TeacherAdd
The Lord Of LifeMatthew 28:20A king of the Middle Ages gave one of his servants a strange standing order. Every morning this servant was [...]The Holy TrinityBDeathTrust,Jesus Christ: death ofAdd
A Sweet Spiritual BlessingLuke 14:11A large crowd had gathered near a pond in a large zoo. They watched admiringly as a peacock slowly spread [...]Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeCHumilitySuccess,Pride,Table-talkAdd
He's Hollow!Matthew 23:3,4A larger than average man stepped on a scale not knowing it was out of order. The indicator stopped at [...]Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary TimeAExampleCaring,Sharing,ServiceAdd
Is Your Heart In It?Mark 12:43A life insurance salesman visited a woman who had been recently widowed. For thirty five years her late husband had [...]Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary TimeBGivingPrayer,Stewardship,Worship,Teaching,HeartfeltAdd