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Take The Risk!John 1:9There is a "Peanuts" comic strip in which little Lucy says that Christmas is a time for kindness and good-will; [...]Christmas DayAChristmasLight,Risk,Baby Jesus,Bethlehem,Childlike wonderAdd
Then You Can Keep ChristmasJohn 1:14It has been said, and rightly so ... If the Christ is born in Bethlehem a million times, and trudges the [...]Christmas DayBChristmasChristmas,Baby Jesus,Teacher,Christ: presence ofAdd
Something To Be Lived Up ToLuke 2:49A week before Christmas, a man in his sixties went into a big toy shop and began looking around at [...]Christmas DayCChristmasChildren,Family,Nativity,GrandparentsAdd
The Human ThingJohn 1:1Walter Kerr, the famous New York Times Drama Critic, once wrote a review of a Musical Play in which he [...]Christmas DayAChristmasMessiah,Singing,IncarnationAdd
The Christmas AnswerMatthew 1:23A man consulted with his pastor about a certain problem he was having. "How can I help you? What seems [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventAChristmas expectationEmptiness,FearAdd
And We WaitMark 1:4An ancient oriental story tells of a little fish swimming along the edge of the river. Nearby on the river [...]Second Sunday of AdventBChristmas expectationNew Life,God: Grace of,Mystery,Environment,Humanity: mystery ofAdd
Rule For HappinessJohn 1:6In a letter to a friend, Marx Twain once wrote: "I have been reading the morning paper -- well knowing [...]Third Sunday of AdventBChristmas expectationGood News,Hope,Gospel,News Media,Advent SpiritAdd
Don't Forget The Punch-lineMatthew 2:13In a book of "Outrageous and Hilarious Letters to the Parish Pastor," the local dentist writes: Dear Pastor, I write [...]The Holy FamilyAChristmas MeaningHoly Family,Christmas Message,Christmas StoryAdd
The Time Has ComeLuke 1:33The time is early December. A family of four drives to a suburban mall to do some Christmas shopping. They [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventBChristmas MeaningIdolatry,Christmas SeasonAdd
Go Out SingingMatthew 1:23The promise has rung, especially in these last days of Advent, throughout concert hall and shopping mall and country Church [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventAChristmas MessageLove,Children,Nativity scene,Praying Hands,SingingAdd
Don't Forget The MessageLuke 2:20A few hours before setting out to sea, the captain and the first mate of a large commercial ocean liner [...]Octave of ChristmasCChristmas MessageNew YearAdd
Hook-line-and-sinker!Luke 1:45Novelist Katherine Ann Porter wrote a little true story of the time she helped her five-year-old niece shop for a [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventCChristmas MessageSanta Claus,Winners,LosersAdd
Dare We Talk Of Peace?Matthew 1:20Psychologists say that for many people Christmas is the most depressing time of the year. Poor people are unable to [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventAChristmas SeasonPeace,Depression,Rule of God,Love StoryAdd
Our Stolen ChristmasLuke 3:10-11The main emphasis in our Christmas celebration every year is that we have received something beautiful from God. This God, [...]Third Sunday of AdventCChristmas SeasonMagi,Christmas presents,Christmas deviltryAdd
It Sure Beats Christmas ShoppingMatthew 1:20,21It was just a few days before Christmas. Two men who were next-door neighbors decided to go sailing while their [...]Fourth Sunday of AdventAChristmas ShoppingGod: Presence of,BurdensAdd