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It's been said that the three guiding principles of effective preaching can be found in the three "I"s -- "Illustrate, Illustrate, Illustrate." Clergy of virtually every theological background recognize the need to include powerful sermon illustrations in their Sunday messages. Said one well-known preacher, "Few words are as welcome to the people in the pew as, "Let me tell you a story."

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ChildrenTwo boys went into the dentist’s office one day and waited for him to get through with his patient. When the dentist came into the waiting room, the older of the two boys spoke up. “Doctor, I want you to pull a tooth, but without any needles to make it numb and no gas either. We’re in a hurry. The doctor smiled and said, “Well, you’re quite a brave young man. You want a tooth [...]View
ChildrenOne day in early Fall, a class of second-graders was asked by their teacher what they wanted to be when they grew up. The teacher got the usual answers from most of the pupils: a doctor, a fireman, an actress, a police officer, an astronaut. One little boy sat quietly, giving no indication of his future vocation. “What about you, Charlie,” the teacher said. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The boy [...]View
ChildrenA mother was separated from her two young girls during her week long stay in the hospital. The hospital rules prohibited children under twelve from visiting patients. The eleven-year-old daughter understood the policy, but the six-year-old took the restriction very hard. The little girl’s father understood why she was so worried when he overheard her talking to her mother on the phone for the first time. As she said good-bye, she tearfully exclaimed: “I’ll see you [...]View
ChildrenA little girl dreamed of becoming a great writer. Whenever she visited her grandmother she brought along her latest composition, and the grandmother was always happy to read it and make suggestions for improvement. On one occasion, the grandmother advised, “Mary, never use the same word twice in in a single sentence, if you can possibly avoid it.” The grandmother soon discovered how well that lesson had been learned when the child presented her with [...]View
ChildrenA British newspaper ran a story reported by the staff members of the Dorsett County Hospital. It concerned a little boy’s personal account of his recent tonsillectomy. He said, “When I went into the big room there were two lady angels dressed in white. Then two men angels in white came in. One of the man angels looked down my throat and said, ‘God! Look at that child’s tonsils.’ Then God looked and said, ‘I’ll [...]View
ChildrenYou may have seen the cartoon in which a little boy was looking through a book that his mother had been reading entitled “Child Psychology, Ages Five Through Ten.” Turning to one of his friends, the boy said “Wow, you should read what a stinker I’m gonna be next year!” [...]View
ChildrenA 15-year old girl, although awed by the surroundings of a posh restaurant, was desperately trying to appear sophisticated. Her mother urged her to reach a decision on her order. The waitress suggested the chicken smothered in mushroom gravy. The teenager shuddered and replied, “Please don’t tell me how you killed it — just bring it.” Hoking, D., R.D. (adapted). [...]View
ChildrenA little boy was about to visit the dentist’s office for the first time. He wasn’t too sure he was going to like this adventure. For several days before “D-Day,” his mother tried to reassure him and to explain the procedure as much as possible. The day finally arrived. After a nervous wait in the reception room, the child was escorted to the large chair. The dentist reached for his instruments and told the little [...]View
ChildrenA little girl came home from school with her report card. On it was an “F” in Spelling. When her mother demanded an explanation the little girl said, “Mommy, words fail me.” [...]View
ChildrenA nun was telling some children about John the Baptist and said that at one time he had lived in the wilderness and eaten wild honey and locusts. When a child asked what locusts were, the nun replied, “They’re like grasshoppers.” “He ate grasshoppers?” one girl said, aghast. “What’s wrong with that?” demanded a boy. “My grandmother drinks them.” [...]View
ChildrenWhen it’s time for a little peace-and-quiet, some parents play “possum,” like the father whose youngsters had been trying, unsuccessfully, to rouse him from a Sunday afternoon nap. After several efforts, the five-year-old daughter opened one of his eyelids, peered in carefully, then reported, “He’s still in there.” [...]View
Christ PresenceKarl Barth, the famous theologian, was on a streetcar one day in Basel, Switzerland, where he taught. A tourist to the city climbed on and sat down next to Barth. The two men started chatting with each other. ”Are you new to the city?” Barth inquired. ”Yes,” said the tourist. ”Is there anything you would particularly like to see in this city?” asked barth. ”Yes,” he said. “I’d love to meet the famous theologian Karl Barth. Do you know [...]View
Christian Commitment“...for I have come down from heaven not to do My own Will, but the Will of Him who sent Me” (Jn. 6:38). During the terrible winter at Valley Forge, a government official arrived on the scene to obtain a firsthand report on the actual field situation from General George Washington himself. After Washington had dutifully received him, the government man immediately began complimenting him on his ability to hold the Army together under such terribly [...]View
Christian Commitment“...you belong to Christ, and Christ belongs to God” (I Cor. 3:23). “What does it mean to be a Christian?” asks author William McNamara. He answers, “It means that Christ holds the central position in your life. It means that you are haunted and hounded day-in and day-out by His beauty, ever-ancient, ever-new . . . all of our troubles come from not keeping our eyes on Christ. Being a Christian means that we make all [...]View
Christian MinistryA monk found a precious stone which he kept in a bag with his meager possessions. One day he met a traveler, and when the monk opened his bag to share his provisions, the traveler saw the jewel and asked the monk to give it to him. The monk did so readily. The traveler departed, overjoyed with the unexpected gift of the precious stone—a jewel valuable enough to give him wealth and security for the rest [...]View