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Tongue in cheek, the inventor, philosopher, anthropologist, engineer, and architect Buckminster Fuller described how complex a human being is. Mr. Fuller's Human "Specification Sheet" reads as follows:
(1) A Self-balancing, twenty-eight jointed, adapter based bi-ped;
(2) An Electrochemical reduction plant, with segregated stowages and thousands of hydraulic and pneumatic pumps with motors attached;
(3) 62,000 miles of capillaries;
(4) Millions of warning signals;
(5) Guided with exquisite precision from a turret in which are located telescopic self-registering and recording range finders.

With older bi-peds, the range-finders may become less efficient and the pumps and motors a bit worn, but think how much information and experience their stowages have stowed. Unless they are weakened by diseases or discouraged by the "agist" attitudes in others, they have so much more than [...]

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