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Sunday Sermons Preaching Resources - About

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Since 1970, Sunday Sermons has served tens-of thousands of clergy worldwide in their preaching ministries. Keyed to the ABC Lectionary cycle, this unique resource provides the busy preacher with the weekly Sunday Sermons service, children's sermons, prayers, illustrations and thousands of additional resources designed to meet the needs of today's preacher.

Long recognized as the Number One full-text sermon resource, Sunday Sermons has maintained its position with more than 41 continuous years of careful research and scholarship. The universal appeal in the approach and style of Sunday Sermons has resulted in a loyal family of subscribers representing a diversity of denominations in 20 different countries!

The Sunday Sermons archives, available at this web site, include more than 2 million words! We've also provided on this site a collection of sermon illustrations that you can use in your ministry, absolutely free!

The Sunday Sermons online subscription service offers the weekly Sunday Sermons service in a variety of convenient library formats including text, word processing, e-mail, printer friendly and Acrobat pdf formats!

Basic subscriptions include Sunday Sermons for each week, Children's Sermons, Prayers for Worship plus access to our two million word database offering an additional 5 complete sermon downloads per month. Premium subscriptions provide twelve additional downloads per month.

For just $1.50 per week, Sunday Sermons delivers...

  • Full-text sermon for each week, keyed to the ABC Lectionary Cycle
  • Weekly Children's sermon
  • Prayers for Worship
  • Nearly 20,000, powerful, relevant sermon illustrations you'll be excited to use. Regular updates provided.
  • Additional sermon downloads included with subscription
  • Comprehensive sermon resource bookstore, providing downloads for immediate use
  • and much more!

Thousands of preachers worldwide use Sunday Sermons each week as a prime pulpit resource. We invite you to explore this site to see how Sunday Sermons can benefit your own preaching ministry. You'll find free sample sermons you can use, specially selected thematic sermon Collections, and a search feature that will give you access to the vast Sunday Sermons archive.

For questions or comments, write:

Sunday Sermons P.O. Box 3102 Margate, NJ 08402 Ph. 1-800-827-9401