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Jesus Is Watching

You must worship the Lord your God, and serve him alone (Luke 4:8) First Sunday of Lent

Late one night a burglar broke into a darkened house that he thought was empty, with the owners away on vacation. As he stealthily slinked toward the living room, a voice suddenly rang out from the darkness: “Jesus is watching you.”

The burglar froze in his tracks, but hoping he had only heard a voice from a passing car, slowly crept forward when again he heard, “Jesus is watching you.”

Now thoroughly spooked, he pointed his flashlight in the direction of the voice as a birdcage with a parrot inside slowly came into focus. In barely a whisper he asked, “Hey little birdie. Was that you who said Jesus is watching?”

“That's what I said. That's what a said,” squawked the parrot.

Astonished by the bird's banter, the intruder probed further, “So what’s your name, Mr. Parrot?”

The bird chirped back, “I'm Clarence! I'm Clarence!”

“What a crazy name for a parrot,” taunted the thief. “What kind of a nut names his bird Clarence?”

To which the puffed up parrot answered, “The same kind that names his pit bull, Jesus.”

Several years ago, the Washington Post published an article titled, “God Speaks From Above.” The reporter described a national public service campaign in which messages from “God” were displayed on billboards and bus-shelters in various cities. The campaign was sponsored by an anonymous donor who contributed $150,000. In the donor’s words, “I wanted to remind people of God, especially people who used to go to Church and for some reason don’t go anymore, which is a sizable number.”

Among the billboard and bus-shelter messages from “God” were the following:

“I don’t question your existence!”

“Loved the wedding, invite me to the marriage.”

“Have you read My Number [...]

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Lord’s Prayer, Children, Sunday School

“So you should pray like this, ‘Our Father’…” (Mt. 6:9). In a first-grade religion class, the teacher had spent the entire session teaching the youngsters The Lord’s Prayer. After class, little Billy went skipping down the hall to where his dad was waiting for him. “Daddy, Daddy,” he said proudly, “I learned something new today.” “That’s fine,” Daddy replied, “tell me what it was.” The boy began to recite: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come... At this point, Daddy joined in saying, Thy Will be done... Little Billy stopped right there, looked up at his Dad and said, “Aw! Somebody told you!”

Love of Enemies

Dr. Victor Frankl was a famed Viennese psychoanalyst and the founder of Logotherapy. Many of his greatest insights came out of World War II experiences, when he was in a concentration camp. He was deprived of everything that makes for human decency. People around him were brought to the lowest level of human degradation. They were made almost subhuman. But Frankl saw there was one thing his Nazi captors couldn’t take from him: his freedom to decide how he would react. “Love your enemies.” Jesus commanded. (Mt. 5:44). Love is the greatest power on earth. It is the most positive response possible. So long as you love, you retain mastery over your situation. “Love your enemies,” someone said. “It will drive them nuts!” Of course it will because they know you are still in charge! It will keep them off balance, and you will still have the upper hand by the power of your loving response. Morgan, D.W., “How To Get It Together When Your World Is Coming Apart” (adapted).


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