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Prepare The Way

Prepare a way for the Lord (Luke 3:4) Second Sunday of Advent

A woman named Connie tried to cram all of her Christmas preparations into a single day. Starting at 9 a.m., she shopped her entire Christmas list, bought a Christmas tree and poinsettias, ordered a turkey, carried home the groceries for Christmas dinner, lugged the big box of Christmas lights and tree decorations up from the basement and, finally, at midnight, finished carefully gift-wrapping presents for her husband Robert, and their three daughters.

Wearily, she began to congratulate herself on a job well-done -- and then, suddenly, she remembered:"The Christmas cards! I forgot to send the Christmas cards." Tired but determined, she signed and addressed all eighty-nine cards on her list. Then she topped off her day's work by writing a check to her credit card company. When the holidays were over, the extent of her exhaustion at the end of that busy day became apparent. Her check to Visa was returned by the bank marked "Incorrect Signature." On closer inspection she realized the reason for the return: she had signed it, "Connie, Robert and the girls."

As we move deeper into the Advent Season, the real preparation for the Christmas Event is not realized in the words on a card but in our life's experience. Our words about the Christmas Event will never live up to the experience of it. And so on this the second Sunday of Advent we ask: "what does it really mean to have Jesus born again in our life, deep within?" A woman (who shall remain anonymous) decided to put her thoughts on this in writing, shortly after a major surgery. And the words she wrote are as beautiful and real [...]

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Human Relationships

If I knew you, and you knew me— If both of us could clearly see, And with an inner-sight divine, The meaning of your heart and mine— I’m sure that we should differ less, And clasp our hands in friendliness— Our thoughts would pleasantly agree, If I knew you and you knew me. Morgan, D.W., “How To Get It Together When Your World Is Coming Apart,” F.H. Revell Co.

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